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The Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity assists entrepreneurs and individuals with financial, marketing, and employment consulting, training, and funding.
The institution aims to minimize unemployment and the negative COVID-19 impact on the community and protect those who are less secure and lack opportunities to thrive and evolve.
The goal is to foster an environment of equal opportunities for all citizens, including minorities and veterans.
One of the primary roles of the department is to provide financial grants to start new businesses.

The Client approached us with an assignment to create a cross-platform system to collect, store, manage, and retrieve data available at the Office of Regional Economic Development and Minority Economic Empowerment.
Both units are part of the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity and strive to boost local business and financial prosperity. Redtag built a system to track and monitor money flow and record all business activity and government units’ operations.
Together with our client, we set out to make a transparent platform for creating and keeping documents and simplify new business registration to turn the state of Illinois into a more attractive environment for start-ups and entrepreneurs.

The Challenge We Face

The state of Illinois is home to many Fortune 500 Companies list. It is hard to overestimate the Chicago area's contribution to the national economy.
However, some significant players, such as Boeing and Caterpillar, recently moved their business to other states. In the wake of these seismic changes, the Department made efforts to make the area more attractive for small companies whose brave endeavours contribute to the community's well-being.
There was a dire need for a digital assistance platform for all companies to eliminate bureaucracy and make running business easier.

The Client challenged our team with the following tasks:

  • create a dynamic CRM system from scratch, allowing for tracking and recording activity in all department units and government services concerned;
  • enable keeping and searching data on businesses, government institutions, and personal information;
  • integrate a business communication platform into this system with an option of quick access to all Government Business Support Initiative programs, regulatory information, tutorial, and courses;
  • make a mobile version with an integrated quick scanner for business cards and quick access to a list of all businesses;
  • enable easy new business registration with transparent procedures in a digital environment.

The first feasible step was to record all companies that applied for government support and quickly determine if a business was eligible for this funding. Our team had to comply with data protection and security requirements since it was a federal government project with sensitive data at its disposal.

In partnership with Provisio Partners.

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