Charting Success in Subscriptions by Salesforce Turnaround

Redtag brought innovation for a market leader in the subscription market by revamping the existing Salesforce solution

Our client, a leader in the subscription market, specializes in providing monthly Economic Impact Model Subscriptions by ZipCodes. Since 2016, Salesforce has been their backbone for managing customer relationships and data.
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The challenges

Tackling Complexities in Maintaining Salesforce

Initially, the client's Salesforce environment was a hive of activity, brimming with automated processes and custom integrations, all managed in-house. However, challenges surfaced when the key maintenance personnel departed. This left the system's sustainability hanging by a thread.

Due to the lack of adequately developed architecture and the somewhat hectic nature of customizations, it was no longer possible to properly manage the solution. The maintenance of the service became non-efficient in terms of required time and effort. At the same time, users found themselves in a data maze, grappling with critical mismatches and sporadic data inconsistencies, costing them precious time and effort.

The solution

Delivering a Major Salesforce Makeover

Recognizing the need for expert intervention, our client reached out to Redtag. Our specialists conducted a thorough evaluation, balancing our findings with industry best practices. We zeroed in on reengineering their Salesforce org, focusing on simplifying maintenance for their solo admin and recalibrating automation to align with their real-world business logic.

Existing automation was analyzed to identify any odd logic in main processes and was reengineered to suffice actual business logic. Redtag’s approach was two-pronged: understanding the system's nuts and bolts and empathizing with the end-users through categorized interviews.


Providing a Fresh Subscription Experience for Customer

The transformation brought about by Redtag’s services was palpable. The client experienced a significant uplift in their business processes, notably in areas like lead assignment, management, and subscription monitoring. Here’s the list of the main achievements:

  • Optimized Lead Assignment: The steps involved in assigning leads were significantly reduced, making the process more efficient;
  • Streamlined Lead Management: Redtag simplified the overall lead management procedure, enhancing its effectiveness;
  • Efficient Subscription Management: The client experienced a more streamlined approach in handling subscriptions;
  • Effective Management of Active Subscription Users: The process of managing users with active subscriptions became more straightforward;
  • Enhanced Monitoring: Redtg’s solution enabled better tracking of Active/Inactive contacts and accounts, improving data accuracy and usability.

The reengineered Salesforce environment not only streamlined their operations but also equipped them with insights to prevent data-related pitfalls. By bridging the gap between their existing practices and industry standards, Redtag ensured a future-proof, efficient system.

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