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At Redtag, our Salesforce dedication fuels client and employee growth, embodying our belief in transformative power of technology
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About Redtag Company

Redtag specializes in custom Salesforce solutions tailored to advance your business. Since our inception, we've steadily grown our operations from North America to Europe, strategically enhancing our reach and capabilities. Our primary focus is to integrate Salesforce in ways that are directly aligned with the strategic goals of our clients, thereby driving their operational excellence.

Our team is composed of expert Salesforce architects, consultants, and developers who bring a wealth of industry-specific knowledge to each project. Apart from our core consulting services, Redtag excels in providing targeted staff augmentation that helps top companies across various sectors optimize their use of Salesforce
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"Chance to grow"– the promise provided by the people for the people

Every business gets the chance to improve their digital world with the help of our Salesforce talents. Every talent gets the chance to grow in our company.
Nazar Mykytyn,
Our Vision
Our vision is 'Chance to Grow' – a promise of both professional and personal development within the nurturing environment of our community. At Redtag, we're more than a business; we're a family united by shared goals and values, including innovation, integrity, and mutual respect. We actively support each other's growth through mentorship, collaborative projects, and a culture of open communication. Our commitment extends beyond work, creating a community where every member feels valued, supported, and empowered to achieve their full potential.
Our Mission
Our mission is to guide businesses towards success and ensure the development of talented partners within the Salesforce ecosystem. We achieve this through a blend of expert knowledge, innovative solutions, and a commitment to partnership beyond mere project completion. We share responsibility and celebrate success with our clients, believing that their triumphs are our own. Our approach is tailored, with success measured in tangible outcomes, client satisfaction, and mutual growth.

Company Values

Building trusting relationship

For us, building trusting relationships is the foundation for collaboration, both within the team and in interactions with partners. Work based on trust makes our progress forward efficient.

Focus on result

We focus on the outcome. This is key in our work and communications. The sense of progress and confidence that we are moving in the right direction brings us joy and satisfaction.

One team with the client

This value means a deep understanding of clients' needs and goals, active participation in their processes, and readiness to work as a unified team. We strive for close partnership, where we not only complete tasks but also feel a shared responsibility for success. And the success of our clients means our success!

Grow a passionate team

The feeling of satisfaction from our own work and mutual recognition serves as the fuel that gives us all the energy to implement ambitious projects. We cultivate an environment that champions professional growth and development, ensuring each redtagger is supported and encouraged to pursue their personal and professional aspirations.

Love our craft

We diligently follow Salesforce news and industry trends. We regularly participate in professional events – conferences, seminars, webinars, both as attendees and as speakers. Thanks to our passion for what we do and live by, our Redtag Academy was created.

Redtag Academy

The Redtag Academy represents one of our core values — the technical development of talent and professionalism. The Academy facilitates a continuous learning process that begins on your first day at Redtag and continues throughout your time with the company. It includes a variety of professional events and programs, such as courses, knowledge-sharing sessions, and both external and internal training.
In the heart of Redtag Academy lies a promise — to nurture talent and professionalism. Here, growth isn't just personal, it's a ripple that enriches our entire community. Every course, every session, every day is a fresh opportunity to excel with us.
Yurii Biletskyi
LnD Director

Knowledge sharing

At Redtag, our approach to growth and learning thrives on collaborative expertise. We host regular knowledge sharing sessions where team members from various departments share insights borne out of real-world experiences. These gatherings are vital for speeding up the learning curve and enriching personal development. They provide a platform for sharpening presentation skills while helping you advance towards your professional milestones.

Redtag for Ukraine

Redtag keeps working and supporting the Ukrainian economy and people. With every employee, we help Ukrainian families make a decent living, fulfilling their needs and dreams. We religiously contribute to various social initiatives and charity funds. Our team participates in multiple fundraising and awareness campaigns for Ukraine, demonstrating that our commitment to the community goes beyond our business goals