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About Boot Camp

Redtag Boot Camp is a gateway into the exciting world of Salesforce. Here our students explore the latest technologies, kickstart their careers in IT, and become part of a community of highly passionate professionals.
Boot Camp embodies our company vision
— Chance to grow.
Boot Camp founded
Of our delivery team
are Boot Camp graduates
Learning hours

How We Do It

At our Boot Camp, we specialize in guiding students through three exciting paths — Developers, QAs and Consultants.
🗓️ duration: 1 month
🕙 expected dedication: 20h/week
10 lectures (1.5 h) + 10 homeworks (2-5h) + test (1.5h)
The theory part offers essential knowledge through interactive lectures, workshops and homework assignments, providing participants with a comprehensive understanding of key topics relevant to their specialization.
Topics we’ll cover:
What is Salesforce?
CRM Fundamentals
Salesforce Platform Basics
Data Visualization
Main Development Tools
Low-code and No-code Approaches
Back-end & Front-end Development
Development life cycle
🗓️ duration: 2 month
🕙 expected dedication: 20h/week
6h workshops, 1-3 real life projects, inspiring events
In the practical part, mentors and students collaborate on tackling hands-on challenges and real-life cases, thereby enhancing practical skills.

This collaborative approach allows students to gain invaluable experience, establish professional networks, and cultivate critical thinking and technical expertise essential for their careers.
Upon completion this stage, students will receive a certificate and be invited to interview for employment opportunities.

This Course is Right for You, If You Are …

Professional but you finds Java a bit boring🙄
Recent Graduate dreaming of starting your professional journey in an international IT company
Non-Technical Professional who are fascinated by Salesforce and eager to delve into systems that automate processes
Student who is highly motivated to kickstart a career in IT and already earn your own money

What You Gain

Rapid Entry into the Salesforce World: Quickly immerse yourself in one of the fastest-growing tech ecosystems, working alongside the highly passionate team of Redtaggers.
Career Kickstart: Launch your professional journey with hands-on experience and practical skills. Progress from trainee to expert, with potential opportunities to become a recognized speaker at global conferences (backed by real-life examples from our team🙃)
Mentorship by Experts: Work closely with our team of professionals, learning alongside them from the very first day.
Personal and Professional Growth: Develop not only professionally but also personally, gaining confidence and maturity along the way.
Community of Soulmates: Forge meaningful connections with like-minded peers who share your passion and drive.

Things to Know Before You Start

Here, we detail the knowledge and skills necessary for you to join our program and thrive in your learning journey.

For Developers:

Understanding of OOP principles
Basic hands-on experience in Java/Javascript/.NET or other programming languages
Basic knowledge of relational databases and SQL
Basic understanding of HTML/CSS
Understanding of algorithms
Written and spoken English at least Upper-intermediate level - is a must!

For QAs:

Written and spoken English at least Upper-intermediate level - is a must!
Experience with manual testing techniques and tools
Solid understanding of software testing methodologies and best practices
Experience in writing clear, concise bug reports, test cases, checklists
Strong analytical and problem-solving skills

For Consultants:

Written and spoken English at least Upper-intermediate level - is a must!; 
Basic knowledge of Business Analysis
Excellent communication and collaboration abilities
Empathy and Active listening
Analytical thinking and Problem-solving skills
Learner mindset

How to join?

CV Submission
Fill out the form and tailor your CV. Highlight relevant experiences and skills that match the role description

🕙 Till July 28
Interview with Recruiter
Be prepared for the short interview with our HR team. This meeting helps both you and the company to assess if there is a mutual fit for progressing further in the selection process for the educational course

🕙 3-5 days
Technical Task
Complete the brief assignment to assess your technical skills

🕙 2-4 days
Technical Interview
Get ready to present your task to our technical expert. This session will also include in-depth questions designed to evaluate your practical skills and problem-solving approach

🕙 1-2 days
Final Results Announcement
Our hiring team carefully assesses all candidates and will notify you of the decision

🕙 till August 5

Application Form

Fill in the application, and we will contact you soon.

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Our Graduates Say

I found the Boot Camp to be an incredible and transformative experience. Coming from a very toxic working environment, I was initially apprehensive, but Redtag provided a very friendly and welcoming atmosphere that completely changed my perspective. The support and encouragement from both the instructors and my peers created a positive learning environment where I felt valued and motivated. They saw potential in me and gave me the chance to make a big switch from QA to development, even though I had no prior working experience in development or Salesforce itself.
Natalia Levytska
SF Developer, Redtag
The Redtag Boot Camp became a significant milestone in my career.
During the course, I gained deep knowledge of Salesforce, which allowed me to feel confident in this field. The most valuable aspect was the practical application of the acquired knowledge and the support of experienced mentors. Thanks to the Boot Camp, I was able to get a job at Redtag and start my professional journey.
SF Developer, Redtag
I was a student in the first Redtag Boot Camp back in 2017. Most of the students became redtaggers and remain so until now. Doesn't it say a lot?🙃 A lot of time passed by, and the Boot Camp has evolved drastically, but the love and effort that constantly go into this project remains absolutely amazing! I can tell our newcomers that they will have the greatest experience, if they share their passion and willingness to learn in return.
Ivanna Kuzemchak
SF Developer, Redtag
A little bit over 5 years ago, I had a “perfect match” with Boot Camp. I was a beginner in the IT industry, with wide-eyed wonder and big ambitions. I was incredibly fortunate to come across an announcement for the Salesforce training course. Certainly, the Boot Camp was quite different at that time. A significant progress has been made since then. However, what remains unchanged is the support and respect extended to every student. That's what motivated me to study and work even harder. So today, I am very happy to be a part of Redtag Academy, sharing my knowledge and love to the craft with students.
Anastasiia Matviichuk
SF Developer, Redtag
Boot Camp was fundamental in shaping my professional journey. When I attended the Boot Camp in 2018, it was my first professional experience. The program provided a comprehensive introduction to Salesforce development, equipping me with the foundational skills and knowledge. The intensive training and hands-on projects allowed me to quickly understand complex concepts and apply them in real-world scenarios. It also created a collaborative environment where I could learn from experienced mentors and peers, further enhancing my understanding and capabilities.

Moreover, Boot Camp instilled in me a strong work ethic and a problem-solving mindset, both of which have been crucial as I progressed in my career. The confidence and expertise I gained through the Boot Camp laid the groundwork for my growth within the company, ultimately leading me to my current role as an architect.
Andrii Ivasiv
SF Developer, Redtag
Redtag’s Boot Camp was my first experience in the world of IT. During the course I’ve got a bunch of knowledge about Salesforce, development approaches, programming languages and so on. One of the best memories from Boot Camp🤩 was mentoring by a highly experienced Salesforce Architect, who gave me tasks based on real case from his project and then conducted code reviews.
If you asked me for a piece of advice for our future students, it would be this: 'Be proactive, be curious and hard-working and you will certainly achieve your goals!'
Vladyslav Hladkyi
SF Developer, Redtag