Get started with Salesforce within one month

Get started with Salesforce on any budget with our Salesforce Quick Start Implementation Packages. Lay the foundation for digital transformation and benefit your organization in a month with the basic Salesforce functionality.

Who Needs a Quick Start?

Small & Medium Businesses

Small to medium-sized businesses new to Salesforce. Get your platform up and running quickly

Limited Salesforce expertise

Companies with limited Salesforce expertise and resources

Salesforce Switchers

Those switching from any previous CRM system to Salesforce

Growing Businesses

Growing businesses that need a simple and affordable CRM solution, basic automation, and a single source of truth

Startups & Small Companies

Startups and small companies looking to automate scalable and optimized processes

Salesforce Licenses

It is suitable for Essential, Professional, and Enterprise editions of Salesforce

Quick Start Benefits

Redtag offers you the Quick Start solution that returns your investment soon, adding the following value:

Get Scalable Results
Optimize your business processes and enhance collaboration with Salesforce;
Customize automated workflows to fit your business processes;
Leverage Salesforce's capabilities to elevate your sales, improve customer service, and create impactful marketing campaigns, all within any budget;
Adopt industry-leading best practices and drive profitable growth.
Optional Routine Support

Redtag's Managed Services team offers proactive support and ongoing enhancements.

Data Migration Without Losses

Within Salesforce Quick Start packages, we guarantee a smooth data transfer to keep all your legacy data in your new Salesforce org.

Proven Solutions

Since 2014, Redtag has harnessed the power of the best-prebuilt templates, which have proven highly effective in hundreds of successful implementations.

Data-Driven Insights

Leverage the power of data-driven insights with our customized reports and charts. Gain a comprehensive understanding of your business performance, empowering you to make confident, informed decisions.

Smooth Adoption

At Redtag, we offer comprehensive training and guidance to empower your internal users and admins to maximize your system's full potential. In addition, you'll have access to recommended documentation and user guides, allowing for self-learning and continuous improvement.

Fixed Price

Have peace of mind and confidently plan your projects with our dedicated services with a well-defined budget and scope. With clear parameters in place, allocate resources appropriately and set your goals within your reach by using powerful web services.

What Will You Get?

Our team can seamlessly implement Salesforce within approximately four weeks, empowering you to work more efficiently. The timeframe varies with Salesforce Quick Start packages.
Effortlessly automate repetitive manual tasks with a wide variety of tools and Flow.
Track your critical indicators on the go with tailored reports;
Get post go-live support.
Get a readily available Salesforce system that aligns with your business goals to achieve optimal effectiveness and maximize return on investment (ROI).
We handle data migration seamlessly, ensuring a smooth transition from any platform or service to Salesforce.
We offer customized and practical staff training to promote user adoption, enabling your team to leverage Salesforce to its maximum potential.
Unlock the benefits of higher profitability and enhanced efficiency by leveraging standardized processes and automated features. Devote your time and resources to strategic initiatives, fueling further growth.
Native integrations included;
Embark on your business's digital transformation journey today by taking the first steps with us.

Quick Start Stages

1. The First Call

We get to know all the stakeholders, requirements, and deadlines and schedule meetings to prepare the Statement of Work (SOW) — the duration is approximately 60 minutes.

2. The Discovery Call

We will clarify your goals and show you the list of possible solutions—the duration is approximately two meetings, 120 minutes each.

3. Your Salesforce Platform Development and Configuration Review

Together, we will review the functionality of your brand-new system, guide you through the user interface, and make any necessary adjustments. We will conduct these sessions weekly to ensure a smooth and optimized experience.

4. Preparation for Data Migration and the Migration Itself

We offer ready-to-use templates, guidelines and assist in building data mapping. Your task is to follow the provided directions. The duration may vary depending on the volume of data.

5. The Training

We train all stakeholders to use the system correctly — the duration is approximately 120-180 minutes.

6. User Acceptance Testing

We collaborate closely with your team to double-check and thoroughly test the system, ensuring it aligns with your requirements and operates smoothly. We guarantee that the system runs appropriately and meets your expectations.

7. Post Go-Live Support

We are committed to promptly resolving any issues that arise during the initial weeks after the release. Our dedicated support team is here to assist you, ensuring a smooth transition and helping you gain confidence in the software's reliability.

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What are the Most Popular Quick Start Packages?

We frequently configure Sales Cloud and Service Cloud within Salesforce Customer 360 Platform setup, as they are vital for various businesses. Salesforce Lightning helps you customize and enhance these components, delivering a flexible and more productive user interface.

Why Should We Choose Redtag for Quick Start Implementation? 

Redtag has a lot of experience helping companies start with Salesforce quickly. We leverage pre-built templates to simplify the process and make it affordable and straightforward. You work with the same team members throughout the project and may be confident we assign the right talents to tackle your problems.

What’s In The Package?

The Quick Start service assists you with a smooth Salesforce (varies with your Salesforce Cloud Technology) adoption and implementation, preserving all your existing data migrated over. You can rely on a dedicated consultant and a QA team to ensure your success. We conduct regular meetings to discuss progress, user testing and acceptance, and training to ensure all stakeholders use Salesforce effectively. Let’s go through our Salesforce Quick Start guide to make it clear.

Quick Start Advantages

Salesforce Quick Start service assists you in adopting and implementing Salesforce smoothly (varies based on your Salesforce Cloud Technology). It ensures the preservation of all your existing data during migration. We conduct regular meetings to discuss progress, user testing, acceptance, and training, guaranteeing effective utilization of Salesforce by stakeholders.

What’s Not Included?

The Quick Start implementations are primarily designed to provide a time-limited and service-limited out-of-the-box solution that caters to the specific requirements of each business and serves as a sufficient starting point for Salesforce. However, it's important to note that certain items may be excluded from the defined scope of work.

  • Custom integrations; 
  • Payment processing; 
  • Marketing automation;
  • Middleware configuration;
  • Tailored mobile solutions; 
  • Third-party storage services integration.


Your final price varies with the selected Salesforce Quick Start Packages and your requirements. 

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