How Redtag's Quick Start Package Rebooted Small Business

Quick Start Package turns around business operation of a small business by filling all the gaps between sales and marketing

The client is a small business specializing in data-driven analytics. The company works across multiple industries, including insurance, healthcare, banking, and manufacturing. They provide a platform that enables businesses to gain an in-depth understanding of their digital operations. This platform offers comprehensive insights into performance metrics and identifies key areas for substantial enhancement. The company’s expertise in delivering these intricate data positions them as a valuable partner in advancing the efficiency of businesses in various fields.
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The challenges

Feeling Disconnection Between Key Departments

The journey began when the client pinpointed a significant issue: the disconnection between their marketing and sales efforts. This rift in their operations was causing inefficiencies and missed opportunities. They realized the necessity for a solution that not only bridges this gap but also offers scalability to evolve with their growing needs.

The challenge was to integrate their diverse technology stack into a unified platform that could manage customer interactions across multiple channels with greater efficacy. Another requirement was cost-effectiveness of the solution, as the company was on budget. 

The solution

Introducing Tailored Solution Based on Quick Start Package

Choosing Redtag's Quick Start package marked the start of a transformative path for the client. This choice was strategic, aligning with their financial constraints and urgency. Launched in February 2023, the project was meticulous and multi-faceted. 

  • First, Redtag reconfigured the Salesforce Sales Cloud to align perfectly with the client's unique operational needs. This customization was pivotal in bridging the previously identified gap between sales and marketing. 
  • Further, the seamless migration of data from HubSpot to Salesforce marked a significant milestone in the project, ensuring integrity of data.

  • A comprehensive training provided to the client’s team equipped them with the skills needed to leverage the new system to its full potential. 
  • On top of that, the integration of two third-party application packages was performed to support marketing and sales success efforts. Redtag built custom processes for these applications, ensuring a smooth workflow across all platforms.


Bridging Gaps in Sales and Marketing

The impact of Redtag's intervention was profound. The client now enjoys a harmonized sales and marketing workflow, enabling them to match customer budgets with appropriate products more accurately and efficiently. The migration to Salesforce empowered them with a robust CRM system, leading to a more organized and effective tracking of contacts, leads, and opportunities. The time saved in sales and marketing operations resulted in more focused strategic initiatives and better resource allocation.

Redtag’s Quick Start service, designed for small businesses venturing into advanced CRM systems, proved to be a critical component in this transformation. Offering around 45 hours of professional work without complex coding, it provided an accessible introduction to the Salesforce solution. By focusing on essential CRM features and standard tools, Redtag effectively bridged the gap between the client and their customers, enabling a more efficient and meaningful connection.

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