How Salesforce Resolved Burning Issues in Healthcare

Redtag leverages a singular solution to address a multitude of hospital and client needs via Salesforce

A Dutch hospital set out to redefine its approach to healthcare, aiming for a solution that would safeguard patient data and streamline recovery processes. This initiative also aimed to elevate patient involvement and bring new levels of ease to administrative tasks.
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The challenges

Smoothing Out Healthcare's Biggest Snags

The hospital faced a slew of challenges. Doctors were locked in a secure data environment, alienating patients from their own information. The platform in use was clunky, making life harder for the staff. Complying with strict government data security rules was another obstacle to clear.

At the heart of it all was the need for a tool that did more than just patient interactions – one that extended its reach to suppliers, financials, and the pharmaceutical side of healthcare. This tool was envisioned to knit together clinical, financial, and social patient details into a single, streamlined system, addressing the digital age's demand for quick-fire access to patient information while juggling privacy concerns and regulatory hoops.

The solution

The New Wheelhouse for Healthcare Efficiency

Tailoring several Salesforce platform apps and the Experience Cloud was our strategy, all customized to the specific dance of patient and management needs. To sidestep the minefield of medical data regulations, Redtag engineered a bespoke integration for watertight data transfer and storage within Salesforce.

Redtag’s team grappled with the issues by crafting components, automating processes, and introducing a dynamic template mechanism for recovery journeys. All of that was done observing a seamless fit with the hospital's systems. Additionally, Redtag implemented a custom DigID process with a third-party authority, ensuring ironclad secure access to personal data and enhancing user experience


Turning the Tide in Patient Engagement and Operational Agility

Post-implementation, the hospital saw a sea change. Patients now had the keys to their medical records and recovery maps via the Experience Cloud, anchored by their BSN number. For hospital staff, this solution was a game-changer, enabling precise tracking of patient care plans and assisting in pinpointing the right Care Modules. This transformation resonated across the board, with over 100,000 active patients and users smoothly navigating the system. All in all, the solution brought a fresh breath of efficiency and effectiveness to the once-standard healthcare routines.

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