Canon Medical Systems’ CRM Makeover with Redtag

Redtag leverages analytics technologies to bring clarity to the complex world of healthcare equipment

Within the competitive world of the medical equipment industry, Canon Medical Systems ignites the trail with cutting-edge diagnostic imaging solutions. Having a vision that reaches beyond just technology, Canon Medical Systems delivers superior patient care for its clients via advanced CT, MR, X-Ray, Ultrasound, and Healthcare Informatics.
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The challenges

The Complicated Issues of CRM Analytics

Success brings its own challenges. Despite Canon Medical's proven expertise in medical innovations, their path wasn't without some teething problems. While possessing interactive dashboards and powerful predictive models for sales tracking, Canon Medical hit a snag with their CRM analytics tools. What seemed like a well-oiled machine required continual enhancements, with persistent updates being the fuel to keep it running as smoothly as the clients' MRIs.

Canon Medical aimed to amplify its sales performance analysis, but were mired in a set of challenges, including:

  • The need for consistent CRM dashboard updates to reflect market changes;
  • Timely integration of features for newly inducted team members;
  • Resolution of critical bugs affecting data accuracy and user access.
The solution

Tailored Solutions by Redtag

Zeroing in on these glitches, Redtag set out to bring Canon Medical's CRM dashboard up to speed. Meticulously, Redtag sketched a plan that was meant to resolve all issues and put CRM analytics on the right track. Our approach included regular updates, bug fixes, and the introduction of innovative features, all tailored to enhance the CRM dashboard's effectiveness and user experience

Not settling for off-the-rack solutions, the team worked in overdrive to deliver:

  • Consistency: On-the-dot monthly updates keeping the CRM analytics dashboard consistently updated to reflect monthly, quarterly, and annual changes, including integration for new members;
  • Collaboration: Teaming up across departments to provide comprehensive updates in a timely manner;
  • Bug Fixes: Resolving issues such as incorrect budget conversions, dataflow failures, and errors in user access rights with a rapid-fire response;
  • Novel Feature Development: Rendering a new predictive analytics for monitoring Budget vs Order Income across Europe.
  • User Experience: Polishing the user experience to perfection, providing higher satisfaction rates.

Redtag's CRM Analytics Solutions have breathed new life into our sales analysis process. Their attention to detail and rapid bug fixes have markedly boosted our sales efficiency. We are happy that we’ve chosen Redtag as our partner and hoping for more projects together

Canon Medical Systems

Canon Medical's Way to the Apex of Efficiency

Redtag’s collaboration with Canon Medical Systems resulted in significant improvements, embroidering Canon Medical’s reputation with trust, reliability, user engagement, and sprouting impressive growth. Here’s the summary of what was achieved:

  • Elevated user satisfaction – An infusion of simplicity and efficiency resonated with the sales team, leading to robust adoption rates;
  • Swift shifts from analysis to action – Redtag's lightning-fast turnaround times and pinpoint problem-solving eradicated performance bottlenecks;
  • A holistic view for sharpshooters – Sales teams now have the vantage point for accurate forecasts and informed strategic decisions.

Our partnership with Canon Medical Systems demonstrates how simple but precise solutions can make a real difference for an already prosperous business. The sky's the limit, and there’s always room for improvement, even if your company is a renowned name in the industry. As we can see from our case study, simply adjusting your CRM can lead to resoundingly successful outcomes, boost sales and elevate satisfaction within the company.

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