Transforming Narrow Web Printing with Innovative Salesforce B2B Solutions

Trans-Tex LLC's story is proof that investing in user training and customizations can pay off almost immediately. By using Salesforce to create a B2B portal and equipping their team with the necessary skills, they were able to take their business operations to a new level.

Trans-Tex LLC has long stood at the forefront of the narrow web dye sublimation industry, offering a good deal of expertise and innovative solutions. With more than a quarter of a century in the business, they have honed their craft to provide an array of specialized services. In the modern, fast-paced world, staying ahead of the curve is no small feat. Trans-Tex LLC's dedication to exceptional quality and customer service has made them the leading US-based provider in their sector, but even leaders must evolve to continue their ascent.
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The challenges

A Tall Order to Fill

The momentum of success came with its share of hurdles. Trans-Tex’s predicament mirrored the classic woes of modern commerce: sluggish and ineffective product development coupled with a patchy Salesforce implementation.

Crucial data integration was flawed, and with a significant tradeshow on the horizon the pressure was mounting. The situation was quite challenging – to have a B2B Portal, displaying their products to potential customers, up and running at the mentioned event. It was a tall order, and the clock was ticking.

The solution

Tailoring a Fit-for-Purpose Salesforce Environment

The game plan was clear-cut. Redtag started with an insightful Health Check, analyzing past implementations within the Salesforce org to identify pain points. Then our team set out on an ambitious mission to implement a solution blending Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud with the operational excellence of Sales Cloud and Service Cloud. Overall, Redtag’s toolkit grew diverse and comprehensive:

  • The Health Check was initiated to sieve out pre-existing issues from the client's Salesforce org.
  • Designing the Environment Architecture laid the groundwork for synchronized operations.
  • Configuring Products and Pricing proved pivotal, reflecting Trans-Tex's extensive offerings accurately.
  • Setting up Work Order Management catered to the intricacies of production efficiency.
  • Integrating Bringg's shipping solutions untangled the knotty logistics.
  • Carving out a Single Portal with a curated product set for B2B showcased Trans-Tex's readiness for the tradeshow spotlight.
  • Delivering user training prepped the stage for seamless adaptation.
  • Post-tradeshow, we honed the environment to its finest iteration.

Served over 19 intensive weeks, about 750 development hours were clocked to produce the desired result. The project unfurled in two phases:

  • Phase 1: Spanning 12 weeks, we shaped the Work Orders & Portal to stand out at the tradeshow, alongside a strategic products and pricing setup. 
  • Phase 2: In the following 7 weeks, we customized the platform, tailored Sales Cloud configurations, and shepherded user training for ten users, all while curating data sets for a rich Salesforce experience.

Reaping the Perks of Innovation

Post-transformation, Trans-Tex cruised through the tradeshow with their Portal, earning nods of approval from the visitors. The portal’s interface was like a walk in the park for customers, offering insights into orders with a history and tracking details just a click away.

The Sales Cloud became a newfound ally, empowering users to add to their arsenal the ability to conjure Orders and Work Orders like wizards. The once-fragmented data now told a cohesive story, and the order entry process became a perk, saving invaluable time and resources.

The diligence invested in this collaboration bore ripe fruit — Trans-Tex emerged not just as a success story at the tradeshow but also as a prime example of operational transformation. Where challenges once stood, now lies a streamlined process that spells growth and efficiency, cementing Trans-Tex's place as a leader, now armed with tools fit for the future.

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