Mapping Business Potential: The RealZips Story

Redtag's enhancement of RealZips on Salesforce's AppExchange simplifies the way businesses tap into local markets using advanced geodata.

RealZips, a robust geodata platform on Salesforce's AppExchange, upgrades local business by harnessing map-based data. It’s equipped with a unique zip code-based community management system that expertly filters and identifies relevant businesses. Generally speaking, RealZips enables sales teams to connect with best-fit customers and stakeholders by focusing their efforts on the geographic areas that are most likely to yield positive results. That makes RealZips a powerful tool for any sales team looking to leverage geodata for market analysis, customer engagement, and revenue growth within the Salesforce ecosystem.
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The challenges

Tackling Tough Terrain

In 2019, RealZips sought Redtag's expertise to enhance their search tools and integrate new functionalities. Their key requirements included a unified map display of accounts, leads, and opportunities.

The company was also seeking the possibility to merge business and location data from Google Maps with Salesforce, using the RealZips package. Furthermore, they aimed to implement native nearby search capabilities within their system. 

The solution

Charting a New Course with Redtag's Innovative Solution

Redtag embarked on this project using standard data integration rules and incorporating Google Maps APIs. The team's goal was to enhance the accuracy and efficiency of map-based data presentations, focusing on the integration of address data with the Lightning Map. Here are the key improvements:

  • Integration of Google Maps API for importing address data of relevant leads: This integration ensures that address data on the map is shown correctly, using the latest information from Google Maps.
  • Use of Google Places API for detailed local business info: Incorporating this feature enables the map to show nearby businesses and locations based on the categories chosen by users.
  • Development of a Visualforce page for easier map use: This new page helps users select areas, combine data records, and see local businesses.
  • Management of large data volumes: Adopted strategies help to prevent map overlaps and optimize loading times. 
  • Customization of map scaling in Lightning Map: Users now have the ability to manually adjust the map scale, offering a more personalized mapping experience.

In summary, Redtag's solution focused on improving data integration with enhanced map precision, providing comprehensive local insights, and optimizing the user experience with efficient data management and customizable map features.


Destination Success: RealZips' New Horizons

The collaboration between RealZips and Redtag charted a course to remarkable success. The enhancements not only elevated RealZips' platform but also significantly boosted the capabilities of their clients' sales teams. The integration enabled more effective audience engagement, swift identification of relevant leads, and increased sales opportunities. Thanks to the power of Salesforce, RealZips now easily connects businesses with local markets across diverse sectors virtually at the click of a button. As usual, Redtag stays at the forefront of sales-driving technologies, assisting clients in developing integrated platforms for seamless business process management, lead communication, and opportunity exploration.

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