Redtag Drives Over 100 Social Projects with Provisio Partners

Redtag's collaboration with Provisio Partners produces over a hundred projects in social services and health care, leveraging Salesforce technologies for impactful community solutions

Founded in 2017, Provisio Partners is dedicated to enhancing social service processes and creating a positive impact in society. Their mission is focused on fostering social change. Provisio collaborates with organizations that support people facing challenges, especially in learning new languages, integrating into the community, and securing their first jobs. The company's commitment also involves aiding the homeless, immigrants, and those dealing with financial hardships through a range of custom Human Service Programs.
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The challenges

Scaling for Social Impact

Provisio Partners began with a small team of ten, focusing on tailored Salesforce solutions for nonprofits and public sector entities, with a vision to improve community wellbeing. Initially, the organization had developed custom solutions to enhance the Salesforce Nonprofit Package. However, Provisio soon encountered a challenge: their growing project demands exceeded their capacity and required additional manpower.

In November 2018, Provisio turned to Redtag for staffing solutions, recognizing the need for more skilled professionals to manage their expanding workload. Redtag's collaborative role with Provisio started with bringing in Architects and Business Consultants to bolster their team and continued further by implementing Salesforce solutions to effectively manage all of their programs.

The solution

Staff Augmentation and Strategic Collaboration

In response to Provisio’s growing demands, Redtag's Staff Augmentation services were fueled into action. Redtag expanded its Staff Augmentation services, evolving from a few developers to teams with Salesforce Architects, Consultants, and QA specialists. The collaborative effort expanded the Provisio’s team from 10 to 60 members. This strategic growth was not just about numbers, it was about creating a synergy where expertise, values, and cultural alignment were at play.

Beyond staffing, Redtag's role involved the following steps:

  • Salesforce system audits
  • Health checks for Provisio's clients
  • Data migration
  • Custom development
  • Integrations, including payment systems.

Such a comprehensive solution proved to be groundbreaking in addressing social insecurity issues effectively.

Working with Redtag has been a fantastic experience for us at Provisio Partners. They really feel like a key part of our team. Redtag’s developers, business analysts, and solution architects bring so much to our projects, always ready to make our business processes better. We're really happy with the work we've done with Redtag and definitely recommend them to others!

Jesse Brown
Director of Solutions Architecture

Meaningful Change and Continued Growth

The partnership between Redtag and Provisio has led to over 100 impactful projects across Human Services, Nonprofit, and Healthcare sectors. It played a particularly vital role during the COVID-19 crisis. This includes developing the Salesforce Experience Cloud for swift vaccination sign-ups in Illinois: it was a crucial step in supporting community wellbeing when the public health system was overwhelmed. Moreover, Redtag's assistance programs have transformed the lives of the homeless, unemployed, and immigrants, offering essential resources and support services. 

Beyond crisis response, Redtag and Provisio have implemented advanced management systems for organizations like the Illinois Arts Council, enhancing their ability to support artists and art initiatives. The two companies also joined forces to establish a charitable lottery, an innovative approach to fundraising, with a shared vision of leveraging Salesforce solutions to drive meaningful change. In the Health Trust Project, the complex Field Service Lightning product was successfully implemented, showcasing their ability to tackle challenges and laying the groundwork for long-term success. All in all, with a satisfaction rate of 9.74 out of 10, the partnership between Redtag and Provisio exemplifies a commitment to delivering exceptional Salesforce solutions along with tangible benefits to society.

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