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In the dynamic field of scientific research, a prominent online scientific library and literature distributor, has played a vital role in providing access to over 2,900 journals and 300,000 books. Catering to a broad network of publishers, scholars, governmental institutions, universities, and corporate clients, this B2B provider has been at the forefront of offering quality content through its extensive SAP system. However, with an expanding audience and an increasing selection of literature and resources, the need for a more sophisticated system became apparent.
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The challenges

Addressing Growing Demands in Scientific Literature Distribution

The primary challenge faced was the requirement for a more flexible and efficient system to handle complex price books and the growing network of authors, which had expanded by over 300%. This necessitated a transition to Salesforce with the implementation of the CPQ system.

The provider sought an effective Salesforce environment to expedite quote generation and approval processes. Additionally, the need to simplify subscription amendments and prolongations was crucial to enhance revenue and conversion rates.

The solution

Innovative Solutions for Seamless Data Management and Customer Experience

Redtag, with its commitment to excellence and problem-solving, undertook the migration to Salesforce with zeal, aiming to enhance customer experience and streamline internal processes. The integrated solution encompassed several critical steps:

Data Migration and System Integration: Redtag's team carefully migrated all existing data from the SAP system to Salesforce, ensuring no data loss. This included integrating various data sources and systems to provide a unified platform for better data management and accessibility.

Custom Tier Assessments Configuration: Understanding the unique needs of the company's diverse client base, Redtag configured tier assessments within Salesforce. This enabled the research company to assign different customer levels, catering to varying needs and enhancing customer segmentation and targeting.

Automated Quote Generation: Redtag developed a sophisticated mechanism for generating quotes based on multiple factors such as currency, client categories, and subscription tiers. This automation accelerated the quote generation process, reducing manual efforts and potential errors.

Salesforce CPQ Quote Line Editor (QLE) Customization: By customizing the QLE calculator, Redtag facilitated more accurate and efficient pricing configurations. This tool allowed for dynamic pricing adjustments and helped in managing complex price books with ease.

Product Category Optimization: The team streamlined the product categories, ensuring that clients are presented with relevant products, enhancing the user experience. This optimization led to more effective cross-selling and up-selling opportunities.

Custom Development and Automation: Redtag's expertise in custom development was leveraged to overcome limitations in product number restrictions in quote lineups. By combining custom development with out-of-the-box Salesforce automation, the team created a more flexible and robust quoting system.

Subscription Management Improvements: An innovative approach was implemented for subscription amendments. Customers could now modify existing subscriptions or add new ones without the need to cancel previous agreements, thereby retaining continuity and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Enhanced Approval Processes: The CPQ Admin was empowered to create customized approval chains. This streamlined the approval process, allowing decision-makers to approve quotes either collectively or individually, thus speeding up the sales cycle.

Our ability to manage complex pricing structures and subscription models has improved dramatically, enhancing our service delivery to our global academic and research community. The efficiency and customization brought by this project have exceeded our expectations.

Representative from Springer Nature

Strategic Salesforce Migration and Customization Effects

The implementation of Salesforce and CPQ systems by Redtag transformed the research company's operations, turning the tide in how they conduct their business. The solution provided quick access to varied price books and products, significantly reducing the time to close deals. The secure handling of valuable data and the efficiency brought to sales representatives marked a notable improvement in operational efficiency. As an experienced PDO, Redtag continues to empower companies in assimilating Salesforce technology, ready to configure and customize compatible applications and tools, thereby contributing significantly to the worldwide scientific community.

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