Uniting Technologies: How Redtag and Salesforce Streamlined the Complex Merger

A German-based technology giant painlessly integrates a smaller company’s Salesforce platform into its business ecosystem with the help of Redtag team

In a bid to expand its technological horizons, a German-based industrial behemoth entered into a collaboration with Redtag. This company, known for its diverse electronic devices ranging from household appliances to advanced industrial machinery, has a history dating back to the 19th century. With a team of 300,000 professionals and a revenue of 62 billion euros in 2021, the company's dependence on sophisticated automation and CRM systems is not just beneficial but essential. This helps the industrial giant to sustain complex business processes, process orders, communicate with various customers, and manage all employees, empowering them with convenient, cutting-edge technologies to achieve the best possible results.
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The challenges

Smart Merging: Harmonizing Divergent Systems

After acquiring Mentor Graphics, a key player in industrial software, the conglomerate was poised to integrate a variety of different technological systems. The primary selling point of this merger was the potential for an expanded scope of projects and collaborative innovation. 

Yet, this integration faced teething problems, as merging the distinct software systems required a careful, fit-for-purpose approach. Mentor Graphics was intent on maintaining its distinct operational approach. They demanded to adjust the new integral software to follow their requirements and align with their business logic. 

The solution

Re-Engineering Synergy: Crafting a Unified Solution

After careful consideration, the solution was designed as a customized integration of the Salesforce platform with SAP, Financial Force, and MuleSoft. The approach to this project was founded on mutual understanding and collaboration. Working closely with the client's project managers, Redtag respected diverse departmental viewpoints in each decision. The process involved meticulous planning and on-the-fly adjustments, ensuring seamless integration. 

The aim was to enhance the existing platform without causing disruption. By updating the legacy software, the focus was on improving compatibility and removing outdated features.

Here's a short list of significant improvements and modifications:

  • New solution design and architecture;
  • Enhanced productivity tracking system;
  • Better Salesforce and SAP integration;
  • Bridge between components is the MuleSoft system;
  • Integral and unified database, which was scattered across different platforms.

Simultaneously, a key aspect was to bring the client's workforce into the picture, providing in-depth guidance on the revamped system, its functionalities, and the overarching vision it was designed to fulfill. In this regard, Redtag led educational sessions for executives and team members. 


Beautiful Outcome: Seamless Integration and Enhanced Efficiency

The project's completion wound up with implementation of a dynamic, unified system, bypassing previous limitations and providing a more cohesive technological environment. Key developments included a streamlined design, an upgraded productivity tracking system, and a robust integration of Salesforce with SAP, thanks to the strategic use of MuleSoft. By wielding these tools effectively, Redtag managed to designate and address the core areas needing improvement. 

This collaboration led to identifying and reinforcing weak points, reshaping the company's operational architecture and enhancing team dynamics. Project managers now have a clear overview of progress at both the project and individual levels. The overall result proved to be outstanding: Redtag effectively transformed the CRM software experience into tangible benefits for big businesses and added value to the progressive community.

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