A Digital Leap of Global Retail Manufacturer

Redtag crafted a system that brought together three different platforms, integrating all data under one roof for an enterprise spanning across 70 countries

Meet our client: a heavyweight in the world of retail manufacturing, crafting cutting-edge solutions and equipment for the retail ecosystem. The enterprise is a global force, with their roots stretching from Europe to the Middle East. Their operations cater to a diverse array of businesses across 70 countries, all managed through a network of regional offices and distributors.
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The challenges

Navigating the Maze of Challenges

The company faced the intricate task: integrating Salesforce into their extensive IT ecosystem, serving as a CRM platform for 120 sales managers. This integration was to be melded with existing enterprise resource and project management software, a daily tool for 1,200 employees. 

Seamless transition was imperative, as any misstep in integrating Salesforce as the CRM cog could disrupt the delicate balance of cooperation and communication across departments. And there was more – the existing Salesforce setup prioritized user experience but fell short for field representatives. On top of that, the data models weren't making the grade in unifying the CRM, ERP, and task management systems into a cohesive ecosystem.

The solution

Strategic Solutions for Seamless Integration

After identifying the critical pain points of the customer, Redtag’s experts have focused on the smooth and deep integration between the existing systems. The focus shifted to restructuring the existing Salesforce organization. Identifying the key issues, specialists adjusted the data model, implementing unified objects to enhance usability and reduce clutter. This also introduced live tracking of sales activities that provided customers with better operational oversight of the current state of the orders.

Ensuring harmony, the Salesforce system was fine-tuned to align with the company's chosen process management software, Wrike (the process management software of choice), and 1C (the ERP tool), maintaining critical functions in sales, planning, and strategy within Salesforce. To sustain the proper and complex transformation, Redtag applied the Salesforce API and third-party tools to consolidate three different systems.


Fulfilling Vision and Delivering Smooth Solution

The outcome was Salesforce integration that's more than the sum of its parts. Redtag professionals crafted a system that brought together three disparate platforms, all tailored to the client's unique needs. Introduced modifications to the reporting system ensured data quality and management. This meant fewer but more effective reports – a real asset for decision-making across the board.

The revamped system didn't just cater to one segment of the team but embraced the diverse structure of the sales force, from product managers to field reps. The cherry on top was a handy mobile app for sales reps and real-time sales data for top execs on Slack. The transition also involved updating Salesforce licenses and managing the associated data transfers.

The key to shaping this success story was the collaborative efforts of the company's Chief Sales Officer, Chief Information Officer, Chief Operations Officer, administrators, and developers.

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