The Culinary Conductor: Foodjockey's Success Bolstered by Salesforce

How Asian Startup turned to Salesforce to become a new Tinder in the food distribution business

Foodjockey's story is one of savory success. Starting as a humble exporter of DIY pancakes, this New Zealand-based venture expanded its reach across South-East Asia and slowly took over the entire area. They've mastered the art of culinary matchmaking, becoming a vital link in a complex food supply chain. Ultimately, Foodjockey has transformed from a simple food entity to a medium connecting suppliers with distributors. Their platform ensures that suppliers and distributors find a perfect pairing, minimizing time spent on tedious searches, and as a result maximizing potential for profit.
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The challenges

The Hurdles in Foodjockey's Path

Despite Foodjockey's success in bridging gaps in the food and beverage industry, they encountered obstacles that stunted their further growth. Foodjockey's operations became more intricate as they introduced an option of sample selection to distributors, a crucial step in making informed decisions. This pivotal point of scaling required a solution that could afford greater flexibility and streamline communication.

Foodjockey recognized the need for an advanced system that could:

  • Seamlessly integrate critical data from orders, suppliers, importers, and distributors;
  • Maintain a comprehensive record of interactions, dialogues, and actions;
  • Offer an accessible database with detailed profiles of suppliers and distributors;
  • Facilitate direct communication between all parties.

The solution

The Redtag’s Solution Delivers a Recipe for Success

Redtag's team, buoyed by their expertise, crafted a cutting-edge solution using Salesforce Digital Experience Cloud. This endeavor involved creating a tailored design and meticulously implementing technical requirements on a custom Salesforce platform. This multifunctional platform was a perfect fit for direct interaction and searches.

Key features included:

  • A streamlined user flow;
  • Incorporation of the Digital Experience Cloud and Sales Cloud;
  • A flexible and customizable interface.

Redtag didn't just create a platform but crafted a digital environment where businesses could effortlessly locate their ideal partners, free from the hassles of convoluted communication and data loss.


Salesforce Sweetens Foodjockey's Global Growth

The collaboration between Foodjockey and Redtag bore ripe fruits. Redtag gleaned invaluable insights into the food industry, while Foodjockey capitalized on the opportunity to expand across the Pacific region. With the power of Salesforce, they automated less critical tasks, enhancing performance. Now, with a presence in New Zealand, Tallinn, and Singapore, Foodjockey efficiently manages its internal processes, leaning into a future of steady growth and success.

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