Redtag Reinvents E-Commerce Logistics Through Salesforce CPQ Integration

Redtag's smart use of Salesforce CPQ makes tough logistics easier, smoothing out business and boosting customer satisfaction for a large European company

A leading Company in the last mile logistics sector, operating extensive real estate in major European cities, faced a challenge. With over 1000 assets in eight countries, this Company aimed to improve urban environments and e-commerce efficiency. They were struggling with the increasing demand for warehouse space to ensure rapid delivery times. Initially relying on Excel spreadsheets for managing operations and paperwork, the Company found this system insufficient with their growing number of assets and leasing demands. To streamline their processes, they turned to Redtag for a sophisticated Salesforce solution.
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The challenges

Enhancing Efficiency in Urban Logistics

The logistics Company previously used the Yardi platform for managing property data and pricing. However, this system lacked effective communication features and customization options, leading to difficulties in handling numerous requests, finalizing prices, and drafting proposals.

They needed an improved system for quote generation and contract signings, as well as a unified and adaptable template layout. The Company sought Redtag's expertise to develop a more refined platform for generating quotes, engaging with customers, and efficiently managing asset and pricing data.

The solution

A Shortcut From Yardi to Salesforce

The transformation of the Company's software systems began in spring 2021. By summer, Redtag had developed an MVP software version, integrating Salesforce CPQ to specifically cater to the Company's needs. This was further refined based on feedback. Salesforce became the central system for client interactions and contract execution, complementing the existing Yardi platform for asset data management. Redtag's customizations included:

  • Installment billing;
  • Approval for deferred payments;
  • Integration of a subscription tool for contract renewals;
  • Custom JavaScript Calculator for precise quoting.

The Advanced Approval app streamlined the approval process, while Visualforce pages allowed for dynamic quote documentation. For continuous integration, Copado was utilized, offering error-free deployment, and efficient tracking of progress and event histories. It was preferred over Salesforce's default options due to its superior error management and support for collaborative development.


Taking Efficiency to Another Level

Though the project continues to evolve, the outcomes to date are impressive. The Company can now handle an increased volume of requests and orders with greater efficiency. The entire process from lead generation to contract completion has become markedly shorter and more effective. This advancement allows the Company's staff to concentrate on analytics, growth, and customer service, rather than being bogged down by paperwork and manual procedures. Entrusted with this challenging project by Nextview Consulting, Redtag has met and exceeded expectations. Our team has proven its ability to hit the nail on the head, enhancing business operations and simplifying complex processes, thereby freeing up valuable time for the Company to focus on customer engagement.

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