Salesforce Sharpens Focus for Eyewear Distributor Company

Salesforce adds to the rise of an Italian B2B eyewear enterprise thanks to enhanced customer experience with every order

An Italian B2B enterprise carves a niche in the world of eyewear. Specializing in wholesale online distribution of glasses and lenses, the company exclusively caters to legal entities. The cornerstone of their service is a user-friendly website that warmly welcomes orders of all sizes, from a handful to hundreds of units. It's a realm where every order gets the tailor-made treatment, particularly for those big-ticket purchases. The eyewear distributor proved to be the go-to for varied price lists, exclusive offers, and enticing promotion deals.
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The challenges

Managing Diverse Business Needs

However, orchestrating such a finely-tuned service was not without its hurdles. The company’s ambition to provide a seamless customer experience required a sophisticated blend of features and functionalities – a tall order that meant revamping the very logic underpinning their systems. Enter the challenges:

  • Precision pricing calculations;
  • Robust data storage;
  • Smooth processing of regular purchase items;
  • Aggregated orders;
  • The creation of kits and bundles.

These tasks demanded a system that could juggle different item types, quantities, and bespoke adjustments – all while keeping an eye on offers and promotions. Additionally, managing a whopping 100,000 data points was no small feat. The platform needed to not just store this data but also weave complex company hierarchies and offer diverse access levels to orders and subsidiary companies.

The solution

Transforming Client Vision into Reality

To whip up a solution that ticked all these boxes, the enterprise leaned into Salesforce's Experience Cloud. This choice provided the needed infrastructure to handle orders and process payments seamlessly. The integration with T-hub for hosting services was a strategic move, enabling the Redtag developers to deftly step up the game in managing pricing processes and all order-related operations.

The development team didn't just take a leap, they made the most out of Salesforce's capabilities. By incorporating custom logic and page replacement, they transformed the website into a platform that even B2B novices could navigate with ease. Before partnering with Redtag, the client had the tools to create data imports but struggled to implement the entire system. Redtag’s intervention was a game-changer, transforming their vision into a fully functional reality, leaving the client thoroughly satisfied.


Setting New Standards in B2B Solutions

In the cracks and crevices of complex business challenges, the Italian eyewear company found a perfect match with Redtag team's unique expertise. The result? A system that not only inflated the company’s performance but also set a new standard in customer-centric B2B solutions. As we say at Redtag, "we grow as we go together," and this project was a testament to that ethos, demonstrating how the right collaboration can lead to groundbreaking results.

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