German DIY Chain Conquers Dutch Market with Salesforce's Cutting-Edge Support

Salesforce ensures seamless entry of well established German retailer into the Dutch market

A long-standing and family-managed German DIY store chain decided to shake free from familiar grounds and venture into the Dutch market. The original plan was to open 15 new stores. This was more than a mere expansion, it was a merger of their time-honored values with the untapped potential of a new market. In partnership with Redtag and Nextview Consulting, they set out to develop a digital strategy that would reflect their commitment to quality and trust, transforming the Dutch market into a successful business venture. In partnership with Nextview Consulting
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The challenges

Stepping into New Terrain with Precision

As the German store chain set its sights on the Dutch market, they encountered a web of complexities. Each challenge was like a knot to be untangled, requiring a blend of strategic foresight and adaptability. The primary hurdles they faced included:

  • Creating an “all-in-one invoice” system that was both user-friendly and efficient;
  • Ensuring every transaction was transparently recorded, leaving no room for ambiguity;
  • Simplifying the purchase process to make it as smooth as silk;
  • Instituting account transparency as a cornerstone of their customer relationship;
  • Implementing a system for payment reminders and controls that was both gentle and firm;
  • Designing a sign-up and onboarding journey that was simple yet thorough;
  • Establishing a robust framework for customer communication and feedback, ensuring every voice was heard and valued.

In this expansion, the company had to depend heavily on their ability to adapt and innovate. Each step was a move towards aligning their traditional values with the dynamic demands of a new market, turning challenges into stepping stones for success.

The solution

Simple Steps to Big Changes

Redtag tackled the retailer’s Dutch market expansion with a hands-on approach, smartly choosing Salesforce tools to make things work just right. Let’s take a closer look at the results produced by the implemented solutions:

  • Refined Registration Process: The sign-up system was a thorough six-step procedure. It began with verifying the Chamber of Commerce registration code to confirm the company's legitimacy. It was followed by a separate package assessing the company’s credentials via Central to this process was the IBAN validation that checked the existence and legitimacy of company accounts. Upon completion, an email with login details was promptly sent, ensuring efficiency and GDPR compliance.
  • All-in-One Invoice System: Tailored for large corporations, this system consolidated monthly orders into one transaction. This meant that instead of loads of bills, they got just one at the end of the month. Heroku's cloud platform supported this feature by managing file transfers and generating reports, crucial for smooth operations and financial checks.
  • Innovative Invoice Payment Solutions: The introduction of the FinDock package offered a new approach to payments. It provided two options: an instant online purchase link for immediate transactions and a monthly billing system for aggregating payments. This was all about giving clients choices. Some could pay right away with a quick link, while others could bundle all their bills at the end of the month. This flexibility addressed various client preferences, streamlining the payment experience.
  • Enhanced Communication with Pardot: Incorporating Pardot, especially its Engagement Studio, significantly improved client communication. It enabled active monitoring of email engagement, ensuring that reminders and confirmations were effective. A follow-up email was sent if the initial message remained unopened after 24 hours, maintaining the integrity of the registration process and adherence to GDPR standards

Through these customized solutions, the Redtag team helped the client successfully integrate their traditional values into a modern digital framework, making each customer interaction not only efficient but also reflective of their commitment to reliability and trust.


Striking the Right Balance in the Dutch Market

Thanks to the efficient solutions by Redtag, the company's foray into the Dutch market brought about encouraging results. Their balance of established values and new technology struck the right chord:

  • Customer Approval: The revamped system gained a thumbs-up from customers. Its user-friendliness and transparency resonated well, aligning with the company's commitment to customer service;
  • Valuable Feedback: Keeping the doors open for customer feedback turned out to be a wise move. This ongoing conversation helped fine-tune their services, keeping them in line with customer expectations;
  • Internal Gains: The impact was also felt internally. The team found themselves working more effectively, with better access to information and an improved ability to meet customer needs.

In the end, this wasn't just about expanding into a new market. It was about showing that you can hold onto your roots while embracing change, turning a new chapter into a story worth telling.

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