From Rocky Ground to Summit Success: Fjerby AS Reaches New Heights with Salesforce

Redtag's Health Check breathes new life into the Salesforce system at a Norwegian construction company, boosting its functionality and efficiency.

Nestled in the heart of Norway's rugged landscapes, Fjerby AS has been a stalwart in Norway's construction industry, specializing in mountain safety for over 40 years. Over this time, Fjerby AS has been known as a reliable equipment supplier and contractor, with a reputation as solid as the structures they build.
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The challenges

A Rocky Road with Salesforce

Fjerby's initial tryst with Salesforce was akin to a hiker facing a steep cliff. Their first year was marred by struggles in managing on-site work requests, especially in remote areas with poor  network coverage. The primary hurdles included:

  • Time-consuming field system setups;
  • Difficulty in accessing the system under unstable network conditions;
  • Employees' concerns over control and workflow management.

Despite these early setbacks, Fjerby's determination to overcome operational difficulties with Salesforce laid the groundwork for an impressive tech upgrade, turning their rocky road into a path leading to summit success.

The solution

Redtag's Fresh Look at Your Org – The Game Changer

Recognizing the need for a strategic transformation, Fjerby enlisted Redtag. The goal was to give Salesforce a Fresh Look at Your Org (aka, thorough health check). After conducting a 30-hour analysis and solution design, Redtag revamped the Field Service setup to align with Fjerby's unique needs. Field Service helped allocate service crews to customer calls enhancing the company’s performance. A key part of this transformation was the development of a new mobile app. The app was designed for field staff, making it easy for them to use even in tough field conditions.

With this app, the staff could:

  • Efficiently register incidents;
  • Access vital safety information;
  • Utilize pre-work checklists;
  • Manage specialized construction equipment details.

The mobile app became a one-stop tool for the staff, making various tasks easier and more efficient. Redtag didn't stop there. They also upgraded the Chatter function, turning it into a better tool for team communication. Lastly, the technical team developed a scalable data model, ensuring that the Salesforce system could grow and adapt alongside Fjerby's evolving needs.

Our initial experience with Salesforce presented major challenges. Redtag's focused approach and tailored solutions helped us optimize our field operations and improve our response times, making a notable impact on our day-to-day activities.

Jesse Brown
Director of Solutions Architecture, Provisio Partners

A Summit View with Salesforce

Post-Redtag's intervention, Fjerby's relationship with Salesforce transformed from shaky to rock-solid. The mobile app and tailored Salesforce solutions streamlined their operations, reducing the need for additional software. The Fresh Look at Your Org service not only enhanced Fjerby's operational efficiency but also deepened their understanding and utilization of Salesforce. Now, Salesforce stands as a cornerstone in Fjerby's digital strategy, a testament to the power of technology when expertly applied.

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