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Redtag streamlines the day-to-day operations, request processing, and supply management of the Charitable Foundation ANGAR. Ukraine by implementing Salesforce Sales Cloud.

Since the start of the war in Ukraine, the Charitable Foundation ANGAR.Ukraine, based in Lutsk, has played a critical role in providing assistance to military personnel, hospitals, clinics, and other volunteer organizations in front-line zones. Striving to alleviate the suffering caused by hostilities, ANGAR’s mission extends to delivering vital aid to those in dire need. At its core, the organization's operations focus on supporting the Armed Forces of Ukraine, with an emphasis on rapid and efficient aid delivery to areas most affected by war. This case study delves into how Salesforce Service Cloud revolutionized ANGAR's warehouse operations, transforming challenges into a success story.
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The challenges

From Manual Struggles to Digital Success

At ANGAR, managing the escalating demands of aid distribution was a significant challenge. The primary issue was handling an increasing volume of requests while ensuring accurate accountability and oversight. The volunteer organization struggled with the growing complexity of inventory management, often leading to either understocking or overstocking of essential items in their warehouse. 

This imbalance resulted in delays in delivering crucial supplies, like medical kits, to those in need. Additionally, the lack of real-time inventory access and efficient item cataloging hampered the efforts of volunteers, who had to rely on manual searches, wasting much time and effort. Even the simple task of forming and printing documents was a cumbersome, multi-layered process.

The solution

Overcoming Challenges with Technology

To combat these challenges, Salesforce Sales Cloud was implemented and customized over a six-week period. This technological transformation, spearheaded by Sergyi Krypak, a Business Analyst and Salesforce Consultant at Redtag, was a pro bono endeavor. One of its most significant achievements was ensuring the system's mobile compatibility, vital for volunteers scattered across various locations. 

The implemented solution introduced a streamlined approval process for better transparency in decision-making and an advanced notification system to facilitate smoother communication. Notably, the system was equipped with features for inventory reconciliation and cataloging of items. This enhancement allowed for automated inventory management and simplified the process of request fulfillment.

Moreover, real-time data analytics was utilized to gain better insights into inventory levels and performance metrics. And one of the key added features was the improved visualization of items: each item could now be accompanied by a picture, simplifying identification and search processes, a vital factor for efficient operations processes.

In the words of Sergyi Krypak, a Business Analyst and Salesforce Consultant at Redtag who spearheaded the project and integrated it pro bono, “Bringing this project to life has been a matter of pride. In these challenging times, it's crucial to offer help. The charity fund has received over 260 tons of humanitarian aid so far, including cars, tourniquets, tactical clothing, hemostatics, and other medicines. Thanks to Salesforce, managing these processes has become more streamlined and effective. This is more than just a project; it’s a lifeline for those in need.”

Sergiy Krypak
BA/Consultant at Redtag

Remarkable Outcomes: The Salesforce Sales Cloud Effect

The implementation of Salesforce Sales Cloud revolutionized ANGAR's warehouse operations. From automating inventory management to optimizing workload distribution, the system facilitated a seamless process of request handling, from receipt to shipping, and, finally, reporting. 

Mobile compatibility made it easy for volunteers to process all requests on-the-go, and the notification system allowed them to track the current status of requests, which was impossible before the implementation of the system. What’s more, Saleseforce improved document flow, allowing for the automatic generation and printing of five types of compliance documents, thereby enhancing overall operational efficiency.

It’s safe to say that the successful implementation of Salesforce Sales Cloud at ANGAR has been nothing short of remarkable. The system’s ability to process items worth approximately 50 million UAH since its implementation stands as a testament to its effectiveness. This case study not only highlights the success of Salesforce in reforming ANGAR's workflow, but also underscores the importance of technology in optimizing humanitarian aid efforts.

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