IMCD's Strategic Evolution with Redtag Brings Efficiency and Innovation to Chemical Manufacturing

Redtag brings about new era for IMCD by introducing a set of technologies and tools tailored for smooth business operations in chemical manufacturing

IMCD is a renowned global leader in the distribution and formulation of specialty chemicals and ingredients. With its presence across EMEA, Asia-Pacific, and the Americas, IMCD collaborates with suppliers and customers to co-formulate solutions that align with industry trends. In 2022, the company achieved revenues of EUR 4,601 million and employed nearly 4,300 professionals across more than 60 countries, providing best-in-class solutions to around 60,000 customers and a diverse range of suppliers.
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The challenges

Overcoming a Quartet of Challenges

IMCD faced a series of distinct yet interconnected challenges. In the realm of QA testing, a once-efficient automated system began to falter. It buckled under the weight of evolving Salesforce projects and an overreliance on manual testing. Customer service, too, was in a bind, with manual email assignments becoming increasingly unwieldy as the company grew.

Meanwhile, the sales team struggled with an outdated document generation system, hindering their efficiency. Lastly, in sales and distribution, the challenge was to keep pace with the expanding product lines and global reach. That required a more streamlined approach to training and presentation.

The solution

Crafting Tailored Solutions

To navigate these choppy waters, IMCD partnered with Redtag to craft targeted solutions. For QA testing, Redtag helped to integrate the Provar tool, injecting automation and renewed efficiency into the process. This modernization has not only accelerated testing speeds but also significantly reduced the risks associated with human error. In customer service, the Redtag team revolutionized case classification and routing with a custom Email-to-Case solution, turning a cumbersome process into a smooth and easy operation.

The sales team's document generation woes were addressed by upgrading to the modern Conga system and developing a new Lightning flow that is more flexible and modern. That was meant to revamp their workflow and save a significant amount of man-hours a user spends to generate the complete document. For sales and distribution, the creation of a digital experience site with a Guided Selling Tool marked a significant step towards improving product presentation and sales efficiency.

Our partnership with Redtag has been more than fruitful. All of the tailored solutions have not only streamlined IMCD’s operations but also infused a new vigor into our workforce. We have witnessed a remarkable upswing in efficiency and customer satisfaction, which are pivotal to our growth. This collaboration shows our commitment to embracing innovative solutions and sets a new benchmark for operational excellence in our industry

Marco Vleeschdraager
Program Manager Intelligent Automation at IMCD Group and Product Owner Salesforce Platform IMCD’s representative

Achieving Transformative Results

The outcomes of these efforts showed IMCD's dedication to continuous improvement:

  • The refined QA testing process led to a significant reduction in the workload of service agents and an overall improvement in product quality. 
  • The automated customer service system markedly slashed case resolution times, prompting a leap in service efficiency. 
  • For the sales team, the new document generation system translated into a 10% boost in efficiency. 
  • In sales and distribution, the innovations led to a remarkable increase in sales managers' performance, enhancing both product presentation and client interaction.

These achievements collectively highlight IMCD's successful adaptation to challenges with the help of the Salesforce ecosystem and Redtag’s expertise.

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