Salesforce Media Cloud takes media management to a new level

Salesforce Media Cloud stands as a one-stop shop for content management, boosting customer engagement, and discovering tailored industry insights.

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Salesforce Media Cloud

Keeping customers engaged, fostering interaction, and crafting bespoke solutions for media companies has been made more efficient thanks to Salesforce Media Cloud. In addition to facilitating content distribution, the software offers a powerful certification framework that enables it to reinforce media operations and, consequently, accelerate the revenue growth system.

Through MediaCloud, enterprises in the mediamarket combine subscriptions, advertising, and business transactions with a customer-centric approach. No more tweaking your SalesCloud to align with your mediacompany's requirements as most of the processes can be automated!

Leveraging established Salesforce partners, like Redtag, companies can achieve maximum benefit from Media Cloud services, providing excellent customer experiences and amplifying their CRM functionality.

Let’s discover the key advantages of SalesforceMediaCloud.

Enhance audience management

Supercharge your cross-channel sales

Synergize your marketing experience

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