Add ChatGPT to Salesforce and Trust Automation

RedtagGPT story. What have we learned so far?

Prepare to be amazed by RedtagGPT and see how it supercharges your Salesforce org and propels your business profits to unprecedented heights. We have harnessed the power of OpenAI, integrating it seamlessly with Salesforce to deliver highly effective, business-transforming software solutions.

Our commitment to constant learning and innovation is second to none, and we are eager to demonstrate this dedication through our groundbreaking work.

At Redtag, we provide a glimpse into the future of business technology, demonstrating how staying up-to-date can unlock unprecedented potential. Welcome to a new era of AI integration with RedtagGPT, where every update is a step closer to the future of sales.

What Value Can ChatGPT Add to Businesses?

Add ChatGPT to Salesforce and Trust Automation

In November 2022, OpenAI transformed our world with ChatGPT, a free, browser-based AI chatbot that texts you like a human. Rising from relative obscurity, this San Francisco-based team has made a monumental leap in the software industry, equivalent to introducing the first PCs or smartphones.

ChatGPT, an offline AI assistant with an extensive knowledge base, is revolutionizing online interactions. It adapts to match the user's tone and mood, simplifies multilingual communication, and gleans digestible data quickly. With ChatGPT, we're witnessing a remarkable shift in technological possibilities.

Our team aims to assist Salesforce users, empowering them to work faster, complete more tasks, and increase sales. ChatGPT, a sophisticated communication assistant, users can generate custom messages tailored to any audience or goal. This tool simplifies complex tasks like crafting articles, promotional emails, or follow-ups. You can process, analyze, and summarize large volumes of text or data.

Streamline routine tasks and concentrate on crucial decisions to elevate efficiency and realize your full potential. ChatGPT and Salesforce integration lets you automate customer support and deliver customized solutions, enhancing flexibility across all business niches. 

Our AI Research Journey

Add ChatGPT to Salesforce and Trust Automation

Our journey began with simple curiosity. During a workshop on AI technologies, our team contemplated how we could utilize ChatGPT in our work with Salesforce products. Our skilled developers conceived a variety of solutions. Then, Redtag began working on our OpenAI and Salesforce integration, demonstrating impressive results.

Our project has rapidly gathered momentum, thanks to the dedicated and passionate Redtag team, who are enthusiastic about impactful technology. There is our group of contributors, researchers, and QA Engineers: Svyatoslav Andrushchak, Yurii Biletskyi, Oleg Smola, Yurii Pinchuk, Maksym Kosheliev, Katia Voziianova, Roman Storonskyi, Yuriy Badan, Liza Gospodarenko, Yura Panchenko, and Yurii Lytvyn.

Sales manager and business development consultant Liza Gospodarenko has shared invaluable insights into how a ChatGPT integration could be leveraged in her role to reach a broader audience and increase sales. Her contributions and active involvement in product testing have been highly appreciated.

Moreover, Yurii Biletskyi has been instrumental to our team as a mentor, organizer, and skilled developer. His passion for ChatGPT and the potential to enhance Salesforce functionality are a continuous source of inspiration for the team.

Products We Are Working On

We aim to integrate ChatGPT seamlessly across all aspects of Salesforce, eliminating the need for users to switch between tabs and accounts. Users get efficient, streamlined, and rapid operations. Stay tuned if you're interested in learning about the practical solutions Redtag is developing to boost and augment the capabilities of Salesforce.

Our Email to Lead Tool empowers sales managers to craft personalized emails for each lead. It leverages chosen details from the lead record, information about our company, and a selected email format to generate unique and customizable emails. This tool significantly reduces the time spent creating such emails and enables users to manage more customers.

Our Lead Activity Summary Tool allows sales reps, managers, and business development consultants to review the client interaction history. This feature is particularly beneficial when a lead changes hands or an agent revives a long-dormant lead. By examining past interactions, the agent can grasp the flow of the previous conversations and continue the dialogue accordingly.

The Form Summary Tool enables users to create summaries from extensive form fields. This AI-powered functionality allows for a brief overview of the results without examining each field, providing a quick and efficient way to understand the data.

Our Mood and Urgency Detector streamlines customer service by sorting cases based on urgency and directing them to the appropriate available agents. This tool can be customized to search for specific words or phrases, allowing the AI assistant to gauge the client's current mood and the severity of their issue.

The Chatter With Translation Tool facilitates communication between users from different countries, even if they do not share a common language. Within Salesforce, ChatGPT promptly translates other languages into English or another widely-used language. This tool eliminates language barriers within multinational teams, enabling smooth operations. Furthermore, leveraging AI power allows you to provide global customer support without losing valuable data, reducing the need for multiple support teams.


While our RedtagGPT software has yet to be finalized, we're devoting substantial time and effort to perfecting this fusion of critical technologies that propel global businesses. We aim to avoid replicating Einstein or competing with its extensive functionality. Instead, we're creating an affordable alternative for those looking to start with AI-powered Salesforce assistants, offering potential upgrades for future expansion.

Our team relishes the challenge of learning new technologies, always keen to put them to the test. Follow our journey on LinkedIn to see how our story evolves, and join us in this AI revolution.

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Artur Voznenko
June 9, 2023

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