Salesforce Summer ’23 Release - Check Out Our Developer’s Review

Seven crucial new features in Salesforce Summer '23 Release

The Summer'23 Salesforce update is ready - try it out. 

This update isn't just a new look; it's chock-full of new features and enhancements. Everything from Lightning Experience, Salesforce Flow, Lightning Web Component, Apex, Experience Cloud, Einstein Automate, Customer Data Platform, and Field Service to Marketing Cloud Account Engagement gets a boost. 

No matter which components or platforms you're using, there's something new for you to explore. So, gear up to embrace this update's new capabilities to your organization compiled by Volodymyr Bohuslavskiy.

Implement Iterable on Set in Apex

There's a neat change coming up - the set class will now work with the iterable interface, which means you can quickly go through sets just like you would with lists. 

Reusing code is getting much more straightforward. This update has been on the wish list since 2014, so it's pretty exciting.

Here's an example of how it works: you can use the String.join method with a set, which wasn't possible before because the Set didn't work with iterable.

The change is available for everyone using Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic in Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer editions. Just note that it'll be in API version 58.0 and later.

So, this update lets you use the String.join method with a Set - a previously unsupported feature because Set didn't work with Iterable. It's a minor change, but it will make a big difference.

Salesforce Summer ’23 Release - Check Out Our Developer’s Review
How to implement iterable on Set in Apex Salesforce 23 Summer Release

New Process Creation Is No Longer Available

It's the end of an era. From the Summer'23 update onwards, making new Process Builders is a no-go. But all is not lost. You can edit, turn on, or off your existing processes and create new versions. 

So, admins, you can still handle all your existing automation just fine. This change might take some time, but it's all part of the updates.

Salesforce Summer ’23 Release - Check Out Our Developer’s Review
New process creation is not available in Salesforce 23 Summer Release

Migrate to Flow Tool Supports Scheduled Actions of Process Builder

From the Summer '23 update, the Migrate to Flow tool can help you move Scheduled Actions from Process Builder to Scheduled Paths in Flow. 

But there's a catch - it only works if you select one row of criteria. If you choose multiple rows, it'll only move the immediate paths, and you'll get a warning message. So, while the tool is handy, you'll need to remember this to avoid any hiccups.

Salesforce Summer ’23 Release - Check Out Our Developer’s Review
Migrate to Flow Tool supports scheduled actions

Flow HTTP Callout Supports POST Method

With the help of the HTTP Callout (Beta) GET method button, you could reach out to external web services. 

Fast forward to the Summer '23 update, and HTTP Callout is now ready for everyone to use, and here's the kicker - it now supports the POST method too. 

So, you've got even more functionality to play with, opening up new possibilities for interacting with external web services.

Salesforce Summer ’23 Release - Check Out Our Developer’s Review
Flow HTTP Callout supports POST Method

Reactive Screen Components Support Formulas

Salesforce rolled out the reactive screen components beta program in the Spring '23 update to respond to a user's actions on the same screen, making it a cool feature. But there was a hiccup - it didn't support certain field types, including formulas.

In the Summer '23 update, it supports formulas. You have a screen with two date fields: Start Date and End Date. You can create a formula to calculate the difference between these dates and use it as the default value for a number field on the same screen.

The display text element still doesn't work with reactive components, and you can't have a display text element that changes its text based on another component on the same screen. But don't worry - you can still achieve this using a Lightning Web Component (LWC).

Reactive Screen Components support formulas

Salesforce Summer ’23 Release - Check Out Our Developer’s Review
Salesforce Summer ’23 Release - Check Out Our Developer’s Review

Quick note - the display text element still doesn't play nice with reactive components. That means you can't have a display text element that changes its text based on another component on the same screen. 

But don't sweat it - you can still make this happen using a Lightning Web Component (LWC). This workaround lets you have a dynamic display text, even with the current limitations.

Quickly Create Full Sandboxes (Generally Available)

The Quick Create feature has been in beta for a while, but come Summer '23, it's ready for everyone using eligible Hyperforce instances. Quick Create speeds up the process of creating or refreshing full Sandboxes. 

With faster Sandboxes setting up, your team can spend more time developing and testing solutions instead of twiddling their thumbs waiting for Sandboxes to be built. Make your work more efficient.

Metadata API Changes

There's a bunch of updates to the Metadata API in the Summer '23 release. From saying goodbye to the ServiceFieldDataType metadata type to new analytics and customization features, there's much to look forward to.

The new permissionSetGroups field on the existing DelegateGroup metadata type is among the most significant new features. Admins can manage permission sets’ group assignments, which is pretty cool. 

And coming in a close second is the new userAccessPoliciesEnabled field on the existing UserManagementSettings metadata type. You can enable User Access Policies (beta) and change how you work with Metadata API.

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Volodymyr Bohuslavskiy
May 31, 2023

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