How does it feel like working as a CTO at Redtag?

Our CTO, Oleg Our CTO, Oleg Smola, shared his experience of 8 years working at RedtagSmola, shared his experience of 8 years working at Redtag

8 years in Salesforce • 15 Certifications • Football lover • Father of 2 sons • Coldplay band superfan

When did you start working in the IT industry?

I’ve learned C++ and passed GlobalLogic Base Camp for students who learned C++ but was not chosen as GlobalLogic crew member.My career in IT began as a .Net Developer at DevCom.

What were your primary requirements for your job?

I always liked having freedom in my job to express myself and develop myself. I did not want just to follow instructions and not be able to ask why we made this feature, for whom, and what the result should be. Therefore, I considered changing my position and working in a more flexible, ambitious environment.

How did you find out about Redtag?

By chance, with Nazar, CEO of Redtag, we got to an informal meeting (it was a birthday celebration of our mutual friend). It was 2014, the beginning of the company's work. During the dialogue, Nazar said he was looking for good team members and offered to come for an interview, so I agreed. 

How does it feel like working as a CTO at Redtag?

What were your first steps at work?

The first step was to pass the certification to be able to work with clients. I was very worried before the first certification. After the handover, work with the Netherlands began. At first, I performed various duties, many small tasks on different clients, and later I switched to a large project on an online store. It was a pleasant experience in customer service. Interesting clients, everything is flexible and good project management.

How did the interview go back in 2014?

Nazar showered me with questions about Java at the interview, thoroughly tested my English level, and talked about Salesforce's future. I wouldn’t say I was brilliant during the interview, but he liked my communication skills and the values I care about. Thus began a career in the company that has lasted for eight years.

How does it feel like working as a CTO at Redtag?

What motivated you the most?

There was a noticeable growth in both my hard and soft skills. Also, I realized my colleagues’ growth and happy client that prospered. We acted as one team, and it was highly motivating.

What do you like about working at Redtag?

It was remarkable that Redtag sent employees abroad for a while to work directly with the client. At that time, no one was doing this, which was great. It was a tremendous cultural integration.The company is also always amicable, and you are not limited. You always feel involved and needed, have full support in personal ambitions, and constantly move forward.

So what does Redtag mean to you?

Doing great things and making a positive impact on others. Giving a chance to others to grow and customers to prosper and be more efficient. Spreading a growth mindset.

We can also distinguish the so-called "three elephants" on the backs of which Redtag stands, namely Support, Development, and Result.We are for delivery, no matter what! Get it done, no matter what!

How does it feel like working as a CTO at Redtag?

How is it working as a CTO at Redtag?

Well, these are the parts of working as a Chief Technology Officer. I feel responsible for the entire company. My responsibilities include:
- sharing my expertise;
- executing a lot of people management;
- technical leadership, budgeting;
- development of our SF Academy;
- pre-sale activities;
- customer engagement;
- rethinking what we provide as a company and decision-making and strategic thinking.

That leaves little time for self-development, which is crucial. So I am currently working on delegation and freeing time for self-development. Although all the challenges, I love my job very much.

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