Our past years celebration memories

Redtagers share their stories of celebrating Independence day from childhood to the last years.

In Ukraine, we celebrate this day in the summer - outdoor activities, warm weather, and long light day.
What is the sense of this day for everyone? Day off, summer ice cream, holidays with a family on the seaside, hike in the mountains, or something more? Let's discover it!

Yuriy Badan

Our past years celebration memories
Our past years celebration memories

Last year, I celebrated Independence Day with friends in Sweden - they organized a bike ride and rested on the shore of the lake.

Nataliia Karashkevych

Our past years celebration memories

Independence Day. 🇺🇦 Memories of how we spent this day traveling together since we started as a family. At first, there were three of us, then four of us 👨👩👧👦. It doesn't matter where exactly we travel – to the center of Lviv to visit a new museum, go to the sea in Bulgaria or go to the lake in nearby Ternopil.

And every time we held our son or daughter in a sling within kissing distance and felt their hearts beat, we had no idea what was waiting for us years later. Realizing this now, I want only one thing - for our children to know what a calm, carefree childhood is without air alarms 💔

Sergiy Krypak

Our past years celebration memories

2014. The first departure from Crimea after the occupation. My wife and I went to Lviv for the Okean Elzy (Ukrainian music band) concert. The first breath of fresh air since February. A kaleidoscope of emotions, the opportunity to say what you think out loud. There was a feeling that life went on. There was still a lot of work to do at home (to get everything out as much as possible), nowhere to breathe, and any conversation with people you thought you knew well was like walking through a minefield.

When people openly expressed their joy at the occupation, an awful feeling came over them because now they needed to be erased from life. However, it gave a sense of relief. At that moment, I had already stopped trying to convince someone of something - it was becoming dangerous to continue.

There was a constant feeling that fewer and fewer ordinary people surrounded you. We left our home in Crimea.

Maksym Kishchuk

Our past years celebration memories

Summer 2020 was a wild vacation with my closest friends on the Ukrainian island of Dzharylgach. "Tons" of memories :D First, they dragged a lot of provisions a bunch of kilometers to the other side of the island.

We sat and cooked my native Hutsul "kulesha" (corn porridge) near the tent, and right in front of us, a few meters from the shore, dolphins swam, jumping out of the water for a second. They are so beautiful!

Our past years celebration memories

Then there was an evening walk, which was supposed to be short. But, still, we walked a dozen or more kilometers to the other side of Dzharylgach island to drink the most expensive beer in our life (because we had already finished ours) and to see how real deers were running super close to us :D So, you can imagine how well we slept afterward! I want to return to the Ukrainian sea as soon as possible.

Anastasiia Matviychuk

Our past years celebration memories

Hello 👋🏼The most pleasant association with Independence Day, besides the big national holiday, is a day off 😁 Every year, my family and I try to take a couple more days off at this time and spend time together in the mountains or at sea.

Here is a photo of our fun and carefree trip to Turkey last year.It is a pity that this year, due to well-known circumstances, we will not be able to go anywhere, but this does not prevent us from spending this day together! (postpone the trip until Victory Day❤️🇺🇦)

Nazar Dykiy

Our past years celebration memories

It was usual for me to celebrate Ukrainian Independence Day abroad. I am always happy to meet there Ukrainians in traditional embroidered shirts, our national football team T-shirts, or simply with our Ukrainian national symbols ❤️

Once, I went for coffee before vacation on August 23, and they brought me a coffee with foam as our flag. That was super nice! I am proud to be Ukrainian, and I am sure that together we will overcome any difficulties on the way to a prosperous state.

Oleksandra Chereshnya

Our past years celebration memories

Usually, I celebrate Independence Day in Ukraine with my friends. We have a long-standing tradition of tasting wines from Ukrainian producers: Beykush, Colonist, Trubetsky wines, and others. In this way, we discover something new about Ukraine through wine. However, since most of these wineries are in Bessarabia, many are in danger of being destroyed (due to the temporary occupation of this territory).

I believe that Ukrainian winemaking, like the Ukrainian people, is unbreakable and will survive all difficulties.P.S.: Unfortunately, I couldn't find a photo from Independence Day, so I'm attaching it to convey the atmosphere.

Yaroslav Ternovskyi

Our past years celebration memories

Independence Day is a special day for my family and me. The main attributes of this holiday for me are the flag hanging on my father's house, traditional Ukrainian embroidered clothes, mountains, and singing by the fire.

Usually, I celebrate Independence Day with my friends in the mountains. However, plans have changed this year - several friends (from the picture) are in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, so we have postponed this trip until the next victorious year!

Katia Voziianova

Our past years celebration memories

It was August 24, 2018 ;) My boyfriend (now my husband) and I went to Kyiv to celebrate Independence Day. Our friends met us, and the plan was to go on camping near a lake close to Kyiv. We were exhausted on the way but happy that a long weekend was ahead ;)

My friend Alina gave me a flag of Ukraine, I threw it over my shoulders, and we went to the bus stop. Without even expecting it, a girl from the TV film crew approached us and offered to give an interview to the hosts of the top morning show "Breakfast with 1+1" live. So, without hesitation, I went behind the scenes and surprisingly met Ruslan Senichkin - the host of this show and a Ukrainian celebrity. 

During the live stream show, I shared with the host how I plan to celebrate Independence Day and some life facts. I also congratulate my family, friends, and our Redtag team on holiday! At that time, it was one year since I joined our Redtag!

It was an exciting and truly unforgettable experience! After that, we went to rest for a couple of days on a lake with tents, and it was a wonderful time spent with friends! Incredible nature, fun, and very loud company =)
What else do you need for a vibrant holiday?)

Team and Culture
Yaroslav Ternovskyi
August 24, 2022

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