Salesforce Marketing Cloud: A Complete Guide For Businesses

With every passing year, consumers are becoming more demanding of brands and desire a hyper-personalization approach.

75% of buyers will prefer brands offering a personalized digital experience, and 54% admit getting even more irritated when they receive an ad for a product they already bought.

Today, organizations need to take into account more and more details about users to offer the best personalized solution. It's not a privilege, but a necessity.

Amazon implements marketing automation solutions to personalize email campaigns and recommend products according to customer behavior, while Coca-Cola – creates personalized campaigns, delivering customized messages to its diverse consumer base. Netflix selects individual recommendations for users and optimizes user engagement on its platform. The list continues, as 76% of enterprises are already using marketing automation software, capitalizing on the increase in leads and conversions.

If you seek a solution capable of staying ahead in this ever-changing landscape, look no further than Salesforce Marketing Cloud. This robust platform provides a wide range of functionalities aimed at crafting tailored customer journeys, streamlining marketing tasks, and gauging the impact of your campaigns.

Simplified Introduction to Marketing Cloud

Salesforce Marketing Cloud: A Complete Guide For Businesses

Let's imagine you've started a bakery in your neighborhood. However, a month goes by and there are very few visitors. You puzzle over where to find the desired audience and how to increase the average check of the existing one. You can hand out flyers, or target ads to the entire city at once, draining your budget on irrelevant audiences.

Or you can use Salesforce Marketing Cloud and send enticing messages to nearby folks introducing a new treat or a limited-time offer. This way, you can attract even more foot traffic to the bakery. One more option – send delightful email newsletters to existing customers, offering them exclusive discounts and special deals with personalization. As a result, they'll be enticed to visit your bakery more often.

That’s how Salesforce Marketing Cloud works. It enables companies to design and run customer-centric campaigns with ease. Built upon the world's leading CRM platform, it presents a comprehensive suite of tools for personalized interaction, customer relationship management, email marketing, mobile messaging, SMM, advertising, and analytics.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud provides critical insights that help organizations to facilitate informed decision-making. For instance:

  • predict customer preferences,
  • determining the most effective marketing channels and campaigns,
  • customer segmentation by demographics, behaviors, intentions, and relations with your brand,
  • deep understanding of the specific content that captures the audience’s interest

Behavioral Marketing

Salesforce Marketing Cloud: A Complete Guide For Businesses

Behavioral marketing is a strategy of leveraging insights from behavior, interests, geolocation, and other metrics that are helpful in building campaigns and features to engage audiences.

For instance, when you're shopping online and get a suggestion "Here's what users bought along with this product". Or when you googled tickets to San Francisco and a short time later see an ad with a great deal on the desired flight.

With Marketing Cloud's behavioral tracking methods, businesses can anticipate users' preferences on a deeper level and create a personalized and targeted organization's messaging. This results in higher click-through rates, return website visits, and most importantly, conversions.

Turning the Data to Meaningful Insights

According to SmarterHQ report, a significant 72% of consumers prefer to interact solely with targeted, custom-tailored messages. With Marketing Cloud, businesses collect data from analytics, form personalized journeys, provide exceptional customer experiences, and increase leads.

Utilizing artificial intelligence and Google Analytics 360 Marketing Cloud assess all aspects of marketing efforts. By integrating data from various consumer touchpoints, Marketing Cloud assigns unique scores per lead, and then companies could prioritize leads based on their likelihood of converting.

With a thoroughly mapped list of leads, companies focus on consumers with a higher probability of converting rather than spreading their efforts and budgets. Marketers have the opportunity to form strategic messages to the individual preferences of these leads, ultimately enhancing the possibility of prosperous conversations.

Marketing Cloud’s Products

Journey Builder presents a capability for crafting and automating tailored customer journeys across various channels, encompassing email, mobile, advertising, web, direct mail, sales, commerce, and service.

Email Studio lets companies build segments based on profile data, craft personalized emails, and automate mailing processes.

Marketing Cloud Personalization uses customer identity-matching policies to deeply analyze all consumers and divide them into specific groups based on similar markers. Thus, companies can optimize their websites and emails with interactive content to satisfy each client's needs in real-time.

Marketing Cloud Customer Data Platform allows users to aggregate data from different touchpoints and get a 360-degree view of each client. By leveraging this data, companies can allocate efforts optimally.

Marketing Cloud Intelligence empowers advanced data analytics and uncovers insights with AI at an incredible speed. Companies benefit from having all the data together and witnessing the results of each marketing activity.

Marketing Cloud Account Engagement aligns and automates marketing and sales tasks resulting in significant time savings, improved collaboration, and increased deal closures.

Marketing Cloud Advertising enables managing, scheduling, and monitoring social media posts across multiple platforms. With this tool companies can proactively track and analyze customer feedback and interactions on various social media networks, strengthening their brand-customer relationships.

Mobile Studio enhances audience engagement through SMS, push notifications and captivating personalized mobile messages

Content management is the feature to create, manage, publish, and deliver blogs, news articles, social media posts, emails, and more. With attractive and user-friendly templates and tools, creating engaging content across multiple platforms takes minutes.

Loyalty Management delivers a more dynamic loyal experience for audiences that strengthens customer-brand relations.

Google Marketing Platform provides deeper audience insights and helps to discover new ways to drive more innovative interaction by connecting to Google Cloud and Google’s machine learning capabilities.

Datorama Reports delivers flexible, fast and easy-to-use analytics to create an outstanding messaging experience for your customers.


Compose and deliver personalized messages, manage customer data, and analyze campaigns – all the things that used to take weeks of effort with the Marketing Cloud solution take minutes! It greatly simplifies the way businesses interact with customers, increases conversion rates, audience engagement, and drives growth.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud has multiple subscription options, but how fully a company can experience the benefits of the solutions depends on the Salesforce implementation partner. Here's how Redtag implemented Salesforce solutions for the geodata platform RealZips and helped them find relevant customers faster, build quality relationships with their audience, and increase sales.

Is your business ready for a Marketing Cloud changeover? Let’s get in touch, conduct a Health Check, and discover how we can take your marketing strategy to new heights!

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Artur Voznenko
June 9, 2023

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