Solution design & Implementation

At Redtag, we translate your business requirements into Salesforce solutions and provide operational long-term CRM strategies.

Our specialists will help you get started with Salesforce and will set up the complete migration from any system, starting from processes and finishing with data. We will follow your Salesforce org development and assist you in future efforts.

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Solution Design & Implementation service addresses all of your CRM needs, whether it's developing a full Salesforce solution, configuring a specific cloud or making quick adjustments to existing functionality.

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The service is ideal for companies that are adopting Salesforce, migrating from legacy systems, integrating with other business systems, or need daily support for their users.

Setup an Agile team

How do we do it?


  • Discovery & Solution Design
  • Functional design
  • Testing & Configuration
  • Release & Post-release support
  • Adoption & User Training


  • Custom development
  • Custom Integrations
  • Targeted implementation of the specific clouds


  • SCRUM delivery (2-week sprints)
  • Team-lead model

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Remy Hartelo

Manager of Operations




PDO / AppExchange App Development


PDO / AppExchange App Development


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Jan 19, 2023
Salesforce Verified

I really like working together with the Redtag team

I really like working together with the Redtag team. They have the rare ability to not only execute what's being asked; they also critically think along with what we propose or provide new solutions for complex challenges in our products. Next to that, all Redtag employees are kind, hard-working and really fun to work with.

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Do not hesitate to ask us for more

I don’t have a big project, but there are a few ongoing issues that we need to tackle. What can I do?

We understand that not every need is a big project, but small issues can still be disruptive. That's why we offer to take on minor tasks through Managed Services. The offering is flexible and can fit any budget. Allow us to alleviate these ongoing issues for you so you can focus on your core business.

What happens with our system once you are done with your work?

After the project is over, you will already have a complete solution and trained employees to work with it. If you need further assistance, Redtag offers complimentary support hours and affordable Managed Services packages.

Our existing org seems fine, but my staff still struggles to fully understand it. Can you help?

When conducting a Health Check, Redtag always asses user adoption. We then design a training program to help your team fully understand and utilize the software, resulting in increased adoption and overall success. Our training programs are tailored to the specific needs of your organization and can be delivered on-site or remotely.

I already have a strong Salesforce developing team. Why would I need your services?

Even if you already have a strong Salesforce development team in place, there may be times when you need additional resources to help with specific projects, meet unexpected demands, or cover for staff absences. Staffing services can provide you with the flexibility to quickly and easily access additional resources when you need them.

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