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Redtag enhances the cartography package for Salesforce to find leads faster.


RealZips is a powerful geodata platform representing local business information through maps.
The tool is available on AppExchange as a powerful way to bring sales to the next level, close more deals, and interact with prospects effectively.
Sales reps can plan meetings, define goals, and build connections with the target audience quickly and wisely.
Community management based on zip codes has the advantage of displaying only relevant businesses, which is extremely handy for sales departments.
The platform offers its users a lot of methods to show and filter out relevant information on leads and accounts based on the physical address and zip code.

Our mission on the RealZips project

RealZips reached out to our team in 2019 to help them make search tools more convenient and add some new components.
Standard objects such as accounts, leads, and opportunities - all records should be displayed on one map.
The company wanted to have the option to import information on businesses and venues from Google Maps to Salesforce and display them with the RealZips package.
Besides, we got a task to enable native nearby search in the package.

Clouds & Technologies


Google Maps API

Google Places API

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