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RealZips is a powerful geodata platform representing local business information through maps.
The tool is available on AppExchange as a powerful way to bring sales to the next level, close more deals, and interact with prospects effectively.
Sales reps can plan meetings, define goals, and build connections with the target audience quickly and wisely.
Community management based on zip codes has the advantage of displaying only relevant businesses, which is extremely handy for sales departments.
The platform offers its users a lot of methods to show and filter out relevant information on leads and accounts based on the physical address and zip code.

Our mission on the RealZips project

RealZips reached out to our team in 2019 to help them make search tools more convenient and add some new components.
Standard objects such as accounts, leads, and opportunities - all records should be displayed on one map.
The company wanted to have the option to import information on businesses and venues from Google Maps to Salesforce and display them with the RealZips package.
Besides, we got a task to enable native nearby search in the package.

The work we have done

Working on the project, we used standard data integration rules as a base and implemented Google Maps APIs.
The system generates coordinates derived from user address input thanks to data integration.
We resorted to this method to avoid limitations inherent to working with addresses directly.
Our team just ensured address data is properly converted before it gets to Lightning Map, subject to filtering, which, in turn, positions records on the map with precision.

We integrated Google Maps API into the RealZips package to import address information on relevant leads from Google Maps.
The Google Places API was used to show nearby venues in the categories users were interested in.

The Visual Force page helped us to configure territory selection properly, build up a records list and integrate it with Google Maps API to show businesses nearby. When users select accounts, the Visual Force page shows them all the profile information. It makes for a better search defined by geographic criteria such as distance or direction from a selected area or some specific spot.

Our team worked hard to deal with significant data volume, which was inevitable in processing geographic coordinates to be displayed visually later on.
We devised filters to show tags on the map at an adequate scale, adjusting tag size.
Our team figured out a way to avoid overlapping on the user map without a long uploading time.
We carefully considered all Google APIs specifics, ensured the data was retrieved efficiently, and limited data to up to 2000 records to avoid overloads.

Even though the Lightning Map component adjusts the map scale for each request, we configured the system to optimize scale concerning a requested area size.
As a result, the entire area of interest is shown on the map, coupled with manual scaling at users’ discretion.

The result we achieved together

The RealZips team is delighted with our implementations, and so are the clients who often use the package.
The new functionality we added helps sales reps interact with their audience more effectively, find relevant leads fast, and sell more.
RealZips offer excellent tools to connect with local businesses in any niche and region within the software coverage area.
Thanks to Salesforce and the opportunities it provides, it has never been easier to make the most out of your location and offer your service to local communities.
At Redtag, we are ready to help you build an effective platform to integrate all business processes, communicate with leads, and look for new opportunities. Start your journey with us.

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