Customer 360. Make Friends With Your Clients

Unite all your teams to deliver connected experiences.

The digital trends in business demand that customer relationships be personalized, responsive, and consistent across multiple touchpoints. No one wants to explain an issue repeatedly, and your clients appreciate receiving offers and hot sales tailored to their interests and needs. Salesforce Customer 360 is an innovative platform that unifies essential information within your company, enabling teams to serve clients more effectively. The product's name suggests a 360-degree view of your client's behavior and interests, gathered meticulously by your system.

Connect Your Teams on One Platform

Leverage Salesforce Customer 360 to unite all your business departments on a single platform, foster seamless collaboration and ensure a holistic view of the client. The product encompasses various tools and apps, having a transformative impact on relationships and sales. Here's why.

Customer 360. Make Friends With Your Clients
  • The platform centralizes information, driving faster and more effective service;
  • With personalized communication, businesses can enhance customer satisfaction and foster loyalty with excellent marketing efforts;
  • The data is captured and displayed on a single platform, allowing departments to share and access crucial information;
  • Improved inter-departmental communication boosts efficiency, reduces errors, and drives business growth;
  • Utilize Tableau to access digestible visualized analytical data;
  • Take advantage of AI-based tools and Slack integration for accurate trend prediction and smooth communication.

With so many tools at your disposal, Mulesoft can automate your workflow and keep all components connected properly.

Sales Teams Can Be More Efficient

The Salesforce platform enhances sales efficiency by delivering real-time analytics, leading to improved market understanding and faster sales processes.

  • Captured information helps sales teams understand buyer behavior and make timely decisions;
  • Instant access to purchase history. Sales teams can tailor their pitches and close deals faster.

Customer 360 allows for excellent automation, which saves much time and helps the sales team communicate seamlessly and introduce strategic planning.

Service Teams Can Provide Personalized Service

Customer 360. Make Friends With Your Clients

Service teams can leverage the power of Salesforce to deliver more connected and satisfying experiences.

  • Access to comprehensive profiles enables service teams to customize their approach based on individual needs and preferences;
  • Brief, personalized responses enhance customer satisfaction and build stronger relationships.

You can do marketing segmentation, create wishlists, check purchase orders, create targeted campaigns, and many more. Leverage all the relevant data, including social media, to know what issues your clients face and get them covered.  

More Than a CRM

Customer 360. Make Friends With Your Clients

While Customer 360 is a potent CRM, its benefits go far beyond traditional relationship management, offering a full suite of tools to optimize your process.

  • Gain valuable insights into audience behavior and business operations to ensure fast decision-making.
  • As your company grows, Salesforce can scale up, adapting to your evolving needs.

Plan your budget effectively by using predictions from the platform and deep behavior analysis. Build your single source of truth and succeed in digitally transforming your business.

Add More Apps and the Benefits Multiply

With Salesforce, businesses can integrate additional apps, multiplying the benefits and tailoring the platform to their needs. Address unique business requirements, creating a more efficient and effective system. Third-party apps streamline workflows and boost productivity.

Customer 360 Makes Collaboration Easier

By unifying all departments on one platform, Salesforce enhances collaboration and drives more effective teamwork. Shared access to client data empowers your team to communicate and cooperate effectively. With all teams working from the same data, businesses can operate more smoothly and make faster, better-informed decisions.

Salesforce Customer 360 enhances experiences by consolidating all information across business departments. The system leverages real-time analytics to make sales and service teams more efficient and personalized marketing campaigns. Customer 360 can be further customized with additional apps, multiplying its benefits and tailoring its functionality to specific business needs. The platform ensures efficient operations and communication and contributes to faster, more informed decision-making, ultimately driving higher profits.

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Artur Voznenko
June 9, 2023

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