Redtag Joins the Pledge 1% Movement to Donate 1 % of Time to Free Education

“A small effort today can have an enormous impact tomorrow.”

The Move

Pledge 1 %, the initiative cofounded by Salesforce, Atlassian, and Rally, brings life-changing opportunities and empowers all participants to solve global issues. It is a charity program meant to encourage businesses to give more value to communities and to become a decisive force with a positive impact on the community.


Pledge 1% was something that was out there. At some point, we needed to get bigger and join the community. Having familiarized ourselves with the move, we understood that we had been doing what it took to join Pledge 1% for a while.

- Nazar Mykytyn, Co-Founder and CEO

Redtag participates in the Pledge 1 % program and volunteers to teach those interested in Salesforce. We have been teaching for several years, and our experience is valuable and worth sharing. We realize the vast potential of Salesforce and the talents in our teams so that we give equal opportunities to everyone who wants to use this power to make beautiful things happen. Salesforce is also interested in spreading technology and knowledge that are robust and life-changing. So, we decided to share our knowledge and skills to build a better future now.   

The Academy

The Redtag Academy was launched in 2018, as we wanted to give hundreds of talented people a chance to follow their passion, study new skills, and find the job they dreamt of. The Academy's mission matches our values, as we love what we do and strive to grow a passionate team. We are all aware of the recent changes in society and feel the consequences of the pandemic and full-scale war. Most people have lost their jobs and businesses and left everything behind, and they are looking for new opportunities that we are ready to provide. As a remote job in IT is one of the best options to make a good living for most Ukrainians - our education project comes in handy. Over 100 students have graduated successfully and found the job they wanted, keeping growing professionally. 

At Academy Starter Camp we introduce Salesforce to our students, teach them basics and prepare them for their first job. Those who attend our Academy get excellent networking opportunities and enjoy drinks and snacks at our cafeteria. The course duration is up to three months with zero tuition fee. We also offer equal job opportunities to the most capable students, so they join our team as trainees, keep learning and get a salary. Some aspiring developers, consultants, and QA engineers joined our team, having finished the Academy successfully, and later even got back as mentors and lecturers, sharing their knowledge and values with newcomers.

To get an idea of our Starter Camp, look at some stories of our mentors and students

Ananstasiia Matviychuk shares her experience about being the mentor at the Academy:

When you teach someone, you, first of all, learn yourself. And this is the truth, verified by my own experience. I am very interested in watching how young talents develop professionally who a year ago had not even heard of Salesforce.

Yuriy Pinchuk about his journey from the Starter Camp to first Salesforce-related job:

The Salesforce course at Redtag is a significant life-changer for me, the opportunity to work on awesome projects and understand business needs and operations worldwide. Thanks to my study there, I have expanded my network of friends and colleagues without borders, enjoying remote work opportunities. I work in an incredible team with a decent salary and limitless growth prospects. My way is not easy, but I enjoy it and know for sure- the result depends on me and my effort.

The Influence

With the Pledge 1 % movement, we can contribute to everyday well-being, help those who need support, and consolidate a friendly culture of equality and synergy in our team and beyond. As the demand for remote jobs soared, the education we provide is essential and life-changing for many people. We keep teaching people, and new student enrollment will be next year- we are looking forward to seeing new curious minds in our team. We know how to be helpful and change the world with cutting-edge technology and collaboration! 

Team and Culture
Artur Voznenko
November 11, 2022

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