Keeping Up With PDO Salesforce Leaders Worldwide

As a Salesforce Partner Advisory Board member, We are attending quarterly meetings, starting with the one on March 15, 2022, in NYC.

We want to share the benefits of being a Salesforce Partner Advisory Board member and attending quarterly meetings, starting with the one on March 15, 2022, in NYC, where Oleh Mykytyn represented Redtag. As an experienced PDO, we keep up with the latest industry trends and Salesforce's growth strategy to create the best products on AppExchange. PDO stands for Product Development Outsources- vendors able to build commercial applications for AppExchange.

Partner Advisory Board (PAB) meetings are lots of fun and a chance for us to influence the future of Salesforce products and share our vision with industry opinion leaders. The event is available for a tight-knit community where we showcase our ability to collaborate with leading Independent Software Vendors (ISV) on the global market and provide helpful, high-quality solutions for AppExchange. The presence of Oleh Mykytyn as the Redtag team member among the best Salesforce specialists helps the entire team stay tuned, in good shape, and aware of all new technologies. 

Keeping Up With PDO Salesforce Leaders Worldwide

As a PAB member, we collaborate with like-minded colleagues worldwide to cover existing gaps in Salesforce technology and suggest methods to enhance them.

Thanks to participating in the meeting, our team got accustomed to the latest and planned platform improvements. The promising prospects unfold for Second Generation Managed Services and Salesforce Flow technology, gradually abandoning Workflow. Salesforce will enhance a new CLI scanner, enabling developers to run Security Reviews before release more accessible and free of charge.  

We learned Salesforce development strategies, plans, and ways to improve our products.

With over 100 employees, we have worked on Salesforce cloud solutions for more than nine years. The Salesforce PAB membership is a considerable achievement, which empowers us to make better apps. Partner Advisory Board unites experienced partners in the Salesforce ecosystem to collaborate on existing and prospective products and strategies, ensuring customers have the best experience possible and the quality of products never declines.

As a member of PAB, we are eager to boost collaboration with ISVs from different industries, working on diverse cloud solutions and apps on AppExchange. If you are an Independent Software Vendor, you can outsource development tasks to us. The final product depends much on our interaction, communication level, mutual understanding, and close partnership. PDO and ISV work together in tandem; this requires seamless communication and extensive knowledge for both. 

Keeping Up With PDO Salesforce Leaders Worldwide

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Artur Voznenko
October 27, 2022

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