A Close Look at Winter Release’23. What’s In The Code?

Learn more about new Salesforce Winter Releases with our Salesforce developer Yurii Pinchuk

Third-Party Integrations with Light DOM (Beta) are available

First things first: Salesforce replaces shadow DOM with light DOM, so your component markup is easily accessible in the document host, where they are attached. Check Lightning Web Components to see the difference.

Use DataWeave in Apex to Enable Data Transformation to Different Formats (Developer Preview) 

Need to create DataWeave scripts in the form of Metadata? No problem! You can invoke them directly from Apex. In the developer preview, data transformation gets more accessible and more scalable, so you can concentrate on achieving business goals without being distracted by data formats. 

Create Notifications with New Alert, Confirm, and Prompt Modules

Nothing can stop you from creating notifications in dedicated new LightningAlert, LightningConfirm, and LightningPrompt modules. Chrome and Safari will stop supporting traditional APIs used for that purpose earlier.

Call Invocable Actions from Apex

A new Apex class is added to the Winter Release - Invocable.Action. Now Apex is even more flexible and easy to use.

Create Overlays with the New Modal Component

You can use a modal component to interrupt a user’s flow to deliver an important message.

In this case a message will pop up on top of an active window, thus user has to pay attention to an event and take certain actions.

Write Clear and Intentional Apex Assertions

Your code will be more readable and clean since Salesforce is adding the new System.Assert class in Apex.

Launch Screen Flows With Lightning Web Components

With the new release, developers can embed various LWC into any flow, thus saving time and effort, using Flow more often and branching logic to it.

Summing it up

That said, we can see that Flow and LWC are the major Salesforce bet together with Permissions sets. All these improvements and trends in Salesforce development are covered in our journal. Visit it to find out more.

Salesforce Releases
Yurii Pinchuk
December 1, 2022

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