A Salesforce Consultant Shares Four Crucial Features of Spring Release ‘23

Take a closer look at enhanced flows, dynamic lists, and more options for automation.

We are thrilled to try the new features of Salesforce and share with you some insights on the most vital upgrades the platform got. As the world becomes obsessed with automation, Salesforce sees more opportunities and enhances the Einstein technology with all the associated tools. Customers spend more time in messengers with all the integrated media feeds and payment methods- no problem. Salesforce covers you with Slack and WhatsApp integrations. Learn more about the latest CRM tools and opportunities that may become the backbone of your business ecosystem soon.

Dynamic Related Lists

Dynamic Related Lists feature more customization on record pages - choose the fields to be displayed and the number of records. Filter out unnecessary elements with a single click. Dynamic Related Lists are available for most standard and custom objects and include a “View All” link in Spring '23 release.

Users access all the records in a related list by clicking a “View All” link to manage their related data without leaving the record page. Each corresponding list has options to customize the fields, filters, and sorting options.

To enable Dynamic Related Lists, use the Lightning App Builder and drag the list component to your record page. Such actions as the parent record, related list label, related list type, fields, filters, and sorting - are all available there. The feature is currently available for desktop apps.

A Salesforce Consultant Shares Four Crucial Features of Spring Release ‘23
Dynamic Related Lists

How to Migrate to Flow Without Pain

Users can convert processes to Flow easily with the Migrate to Flow tool and import external data to your Flow without coding, utilizing HTTP Callouts. With a new migration tool, the Process Builder’s potential is enormous, coupled with the Advanced Screen Flows.

Select the process and its criteria nodes. Next, check your Flow, run tests in Flow Builder, and activate it.

A Salesforce Consultant Shares Four Crucial Features of Spring Release ‘23
Migrate to Flow

Dynamic Forms for Leads and Cases

Discover a new feature in Salesforce Spring '23 to customize your record pages with conditional visibility and layout options. You can also add save options to accounts, cases, and leads with Dynamic Forms. Go to Lightning record pages and locate fields for better visibility without creating multiple pages, use Dynamic Actions for standard objects to utilize record pages visibility to the fullest.

A Salesforce Consultant Shares Four Crucial Features of Spring Release ‘23
Dynamic Forms for Leads and Cases

Field History for Task and Events

The enhanced Salesforce functionality allows users to eliminate data losses and track up to six fields for activity changes - some great news for admins and sales reps! The option is available in the Object Manager, and it takes to select Fields&Relationships of a particular task and click Set History Tracking. 

A Salesforce Consultant Shares Four Crucial Features of Spring Release ‘23
Field History for Task and Events

The Summary

Currently, Salesforce offers robust tools for assistance, reporting, and smooth, flawless communication to ensure your business runs effectively, with you getting even more profit.

Einstein bot features voice assistance with conversation insights. Chatting with your clients on the go takes less effort and happens in a familiar and intuitive interface. Get complete customer data that benefits your decisions and effectively manage all the valuable information. Our team stands by your side, ensuring you get the most out of your software.

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Viacheslav Pashkevych
February 28, 2023

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