Work Smart! Winter Release is Here. What’s New?

Discover new Salesforce Winter Releases with our Salesforce consultant Tetiana Hrynda

Stay up-to-date in an ever-evolving environment that adapts to the target audience's needs.

Customize the layout easily, move elements with one click, manage permission sets instantly, and make more transactions at less cost- that is what Salesforce offers businesses.

With new functionality and integrations, Salesforce released an incredible, flexible, intuitive, and more efficient Marketing Cloud software this fall. We are happy to tell you more about some cool features and improvements.

Now let’s dive deeper into the most exciting changes and discuss their benefits for users and developers. 

Dynamic Forms and List of Objects

Users can now create multiple values at a time and use any layout they want. Dynamic Forms are now available for standard objects, and numerous criteria may filter out and hide unnecessary accounts, contacts, or opportunities. You can make any layout and eliminate redundant elements with a couple of clicks. 

Work Smart! Winter Release is Here. What’s New?

Update Related Records in Flow in No Time

Besides Process Builder, you can update related records in Flow, where you can experience much more functionality in an updated Salesforce 23. The new version has more flexibility, as users can select some related records narrowed by defined filters.

Work Smart! Winter Release is Here. What’s New?

Move Flow Elements Easily

With the Cut and Paste tool, there is no need to manually copy and delete each element while moving it across a flow. You can get things done much faster with fewer distractions and annoyance. Isn’t it awesome?

Work Smart! Winter Release is Here. What’s New?
Work Smart! Winter Release is Here. What’s New?

Wide Use of Better Permission Sets

No need to edit user profiles, as you can assign field-level security on permission sets. Salesforce boosts permission sets, considering them a vital function worth enhancing. Users can grant access either for a permission set or to a profile. 

Work Smart! Winter Release is Here. What’s New?
Work Smart! Winter Release is Here. What’s New?

Data Table in Screen Flow

An official Data Table component has become a new and long-awaited feature of the Salesforce 23 Winter Release. Yes, now you can stop using third-parties software and try out a so-far Beta-version of Data Table, adding it to any screen flow. 

Work Smart! Winter Release is Here. What’s New?

To-Do List is Right at Your Fingertips

With the Salesforce Winter Release, the To-Do lists are easily accessible in the Utility Bar; hence nobody needs a separate tab with it anymore. Users can now organize and prioritize tasks quickly and neatly. No more messy screens and overlooked tasks.

Work Smart! Winter Release is Here. What’s New?

Access to Custom Address Field

The custom address field is generally available now. Users don’t need to create a field for each value like street name or ZIP code; they can input all the address data in one place. You can set up a Custom Address Field in the interface settings and enjoy long awaited functionality!

Flow to Replace Workflow Rules 

Salesforce is getting rid of Workflow Rules, and users have Flow instead. Go to Flow Builder to create, update, and delete records for various objects.  No need to remember pros&cons of each tool and doubt what to use - use Flow!

Work Smart! Winter Release is Here. What’s New?

TikTok Business Profile Integration 

Social media opens up endless opportunities to interact with clients, influencing clients' decisions. As TikTok is now one of the most booming social media platforms, Salesforce realizes its vast business potential and accomplished its integration into Salesforce Commerce Cloud. Who said e-commerce is not fun?

Winter Release’23 Summary

Salesforce adjusts the entire range of products accordingly, adding new features and improving functionality to be ahead of the curve and able to solve clients’ problems and face new challenges. The platform constantly evolves to keep up with the growing needs of global e-commerce, featuring improved visualization of forecasts, convenient, fully-customizable layout, and faster performance. Our team is ready to implement all the recent features in your company’s software to help you grow your profit and bring automation to the next level.  

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Tetiana Hrynda
November 23, 2022

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