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Support Unbroken:
"Give Ukrainians a chance to regain mobility"

Redtag keeps working and supporting the Ukrainian economy and people. 
With every line of code - a new vital feature appears that adds value to our clients and partners. With every new employee, we help Ukrainian families make a decent living, fulfilling needs and dreams. We persist in giving our people a chance to grow - that is our vision.

Vision stands for actions

Unbroken National Rehabilitation Center is the unique place where adults and children affected by the war can receive comprehensive qualified medical care. It includes physical and mental rehabilitation of the military staff and civilians affected by the war through reconstructive surgery, orthopedics, robotic prosthetics, and psychological assistance.

From small things,
big things grow

We would like to invite Salesforce Ohana to join initiative of supporting and provide mobility to those who lost it due to hostilities.

In Ukraine, we strongly believe that no help is big or small - it is the spirit of joint collaboration that will make the difference.

Support Unbroken
Grow Your Unbroken Plant. Dreamole 2023

Turn your pencil into a growing plant as a reminder of your good deed

By staying united and being kind to each other, you grow not only plants - you develop a supportive community of fantastic people.

All the money raised from the lottery and your pencils donations will be donated to Unbroken, allowing them to buy prostheses and save more lives.

Growing plants signify growing hopes.

Support Unbroken

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