The power of sales funnels: a complete overview for sales growth

Among the huge number of your potential customers, far fewer of them buy a product or service

Among the huge number of your potential customers, far fewer of them buy a product or service. This pathway that likely clients follow when they're interested in buying something and end up in a successful transaction is called a sales funnel.

Surprising statistics say that 68% of enterprises don't explore a sales funnel! No wonder 79% of marketing leads fail to convert into successful deals. Setting up a compelling sales funnel will improve converting leads into deals and raise income for your enterprise.

In this article, let's explore the concept of a sales funnel and discover its practical applications in enhancing your sales strategy.

A simple definition of a sales funnel and how it works

A sales funnel is a journey a potential customer proceeds from first hearing about something to buying it. Along this way, many people drop out or "funneling" out at each step.

Let's break down by example what a sales funnel looks like for an educational course. A potential customer wants to learn new skills and is looking for information on where to do it. He finds an advertisement or Google data about your business.

The customer goes to your website and is interested in your course. He finds that you offer a free checklist or webinar on a topic he's curious about. This is useful, so he signs up – that way you get his email or even phone number. Use this data properly to offer discounts, promotions, or other services. As a result of successful interaction, the customer purchases your course.

Turning this example into a sales funnel model, there are 4 key stages.

  • Awareness: Through advertising, social media, or word of mouth potential clients learn about your product.
  • Interest: Some of those people develop an interest and start looking into the product or service more closely. They might visit a website, read reviews, or watch videos.
  • Decision: Eventually, a portion of those who considered buying will make a decision to buy. They've moved all the way down the funnel and are ready to make a purchase.
  • Action: The final step is when they actually buy the product or service.

It sounds pretty straightforward, but in reality, 37% of reps find prospecting the hardest part of sales. Without understanding where to start, it's impossible to create a functioning pipeline.

What to consider in each sales funnel stage

The power of sales funnels: a complete overview for sales growth

Here's what you can do to enhance conversion rates.


Purpose: Introduce your offer to a potential customer and get them interested in it.

How to enhance efficiency: Use website analytics and campaign insights to understand which messaging is driving the most audience engagement. Clearly communicate the value that your product or service provides.


Purpose: To get prospective customers curious about your company's offer.

How to enhance efficiency: Concentrate on developing useful content for the target audience, and create a free checklist or trial version of the product to familiarize users with it.


Purpose: To showcase to the customer that your offer meets his goals better than the competitors.

How to enhance efficiency: Provide case studies, testimonials, customer reviews, demo videos – everything that will grab attention to your offer.


Purpose: Maximize the likelihood of purchase.

How to enhance efficiency: Use follow-up email campaigns and special offers, depending on the interests of your audience. Redtag experts will assist you in setting up your sales process in such a way that a prospective customer will not be annoyed by your emails, but will receive a personalized offer! Therefore, the conversion rate into purchases will be maximized.

How a sales funnel defines your sales process

The power of sales funnels: a complete overview for sales growth

Comprehending the mechanics of the sales funnel and adopting tailored strategies for each stage equips sales managers and marketers with invaluable advantages. This includes boosting conversion rates, identifying vulnerabilities in the sales process, gathering audience insights, and enhancing overall user satisfaction.

None of this can be achieved without aligning marketing efforts with the stages of the funnel.

Companies with marketing and sales teams synergy experience a 27% faster revenue growth!

So, how to create a seamless alignment between marketing efforts and the sales funnel stages?

At the initial stage of the sales funnel, known as the Awareness phase, marketing initiatives should prioritize capturing attention through precise promotional tactics, engaging social media campaigns, and strategic content marketing.

After you successfully capture the prospective customer's attention, add a more educational and solution-oriented approach to your content marketing strategy. Don't limit yourself to SEO optimization and social media advertising. Depending on the product, use relevant communication channels: LinkedIn, TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, and even Snapchat works in some cases! Build a content strategy that will nurture leads.

In the later funnel stages, marketing should support the sales team with case studies, testimonials, and customized messaging to drive deals.

Key tips to create an effective sales funnel

48% of marketers prioritize improving their sales funnel for 2023. Are you one of them? Let's find out where you should focus your efforts.

Determine who is your client

Craft comprehensive buyer personas that encompass demographics, pain points, objectives, and purchasing behaviors. A deep understanding of your audience is pivotal in customizing your sales funnel to cater to their specific requirements.

Salesforce CRM platform provides powerful tools to discover and understand clients in various ways. It allows businesses to store and organize client data such as contact details, communication history, purchase history, and more in one place – Salesforce Cloud. This enables easy access to client information, which is crucial for the success of future collaboration with prospects.

Create a lead magnet

The power of sales funnels: a complete overview for sales growth

To draw an audience into your sales funnel, captivate their interest right from the opening sentence. Provide compelling content or enticing incentives, such as eBooks, webinars, or discounts, in exchange for valuable contact information like email addresses.

This helps you build your email list and capture leads.

Nurture leads via email

When you get a user's email, don't scare him off with spam. Develop a lead nurturing strategy that provides relevant and valuable content to guide leads through the funnel. Use email marketing, drip campaigns, and personalized messaging to keep them engaged.

Salesforce's lead management tools help prioritize leads, nurture them, and convert them into paying clients. You can use Salesforce to segment your client base based on various criteria such as demographics, buying behavior, and engagement history. This allows you to target specific client groups with personalized marketing and sales efforts.

Redtag experts can help customize marketing automation tools so that you can send content that highlights the benefits of the product, depending on the client's interests.

We will collaborate with you to enhance the efficiency of your organization, emphasize the features that align best with your business objectives, and streamline away any extraneous functionalities.

Expand on strategies

To keep customers engaged, continue sending follow-ups with interesting information, research, promotional options, and other tools that will lead them to purchase.

Сreate custom reports and dashboards using Salesforce’s robust reporting and analytics tools. With their assistance, you can easily analyze client data, track key performance indicators, and gain insights into client behavior and trends.

Don't fear to change your content strategy for better results. Avoid draining your budget on ineffective activities. Use different communication channels, and experiment with messaging, images, and formats to maintain relationships.

To provide excellent client service, implement Salesforce Cloud. It helps in managing and resolving client inquiries, complaints, and issues promptly, which can lead to increased client satisfaction and loyalty.

How will you benefit from a sales funnel?

The power of sales funnels: a complete overview for sales growth

A well-configured sales process will increase customer interest in your product in a highly competitive environment. Unlike companies that have not yet set up a funnel and are selling chaotically, you will be able to:

  • Provide valuable content. By understanding your audience, you'll get improved customer segmentation and targeting. As a result, you’ll be able to anticipate its requests and pains, providing relevant and timely messaging.
  • Build a synergy between marketing and sales. A properly configured sales funnel enables marketers to engage audiences early on and maintain a warm interaction with them afterward.
  • Resources savings. In businesses with an effective sales funnel, marketers transfer to the sales department only leads that are likely to convert into paying customers. This saves the sales team time and effort, as well as the company's budget.

Tips to avoid sales funnel mistakes

Avoiding these common mistakes can help ensure that your sales funnel operates effectively and efficiently, ultimately leading to improved conversion rates and business success.

  • Poor customer research: Your sales funnel will be ineffective if you neglect the first crucial step and don’t define potential customers in detail.
  • Lack of leads. Utilize various channels for lead generation. The wider the funnel is at the beginning, the greater the likelihood of successful deals.
  • Weak offer. Provide value to the customer and show how you are distinguished from competitors from the very first interaction.
  • Overshooting the stages of the sales funnel. Make your process as straightforward as possible to avoid losing customers along the journey.
  • Misalignment of sales and marketing: A lack of coordination between these departments can lead to inefficiencies and missed opportunities.

Wrap up

Mapping the customer journey from the initial interaction to a successful purchase can pose challenges, but it holds significant advantages for your business. Devote time and energy to establish a functional sales funnel and strategize engagements for each stage. Construct a compelling call to action, be open to experimentation, and adapt your approaches as needed to enhance customer engagement. Once accomplished, your sales funnel will yield a substantial increase in sales opportunities.

Ready to refine your sales processes? Check out how Redtag helps businesses reach sales goals and grow! Contact us and we'll offer you a customized fruit-bearing sales funnel solution.

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Artur Voznenko
October 6, 2023

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