Summer’23 is Getting Hot - Try New Salesforce Features

Are you a Salesforce Consultant? You will love these features!

The new Salesforce release is coming out this summer in 2023, full of neat new features. We're here to help you figure out all the cool stuff this update brings.

As an indisputable leader in customer relationship management (CRM) systems, Salesforce always seeks ways to help businesses improve. With this new update, you can boost your sales, help you connect with your audience better, and make smarter decisions. Let's get into the good stuff and see what's new in your CRM system.

Salesforce launched Sandboxes makeover on May 5th, 2023. Following the day, organizations get a taste of the Summer'23 release with all its fresh new look and better user experience. You have two windows for upgrading sandboxes - a "Preview" instance or a "Non-Preview" one. 

What's new in Salesforce Summer '23 Release?

Share Dashboard Analytics Across Your Slack Channels

Turn on the ability to share analytics with your teammates in your Slack workspaces. This feature lets you access and examine dashboard data, share it with others, and even sign up for regular updates.

Users need the "Connect Salesforce with Slack" permission to use this handy feature. Once that's in place, you can link your Slack CRM Analytics to Salesforce. This way, you keep everyone in the loop, making data-driven decisions easier.

Share Dashboard Analytics across your Slack Channels

You’ll Have More Dashboard Filters

Say goodbye to making copies of dashboards for different teams and departments. The new update lets you add more filters – you can now have five items instead of just three. 

This broader capability makes it easier to tailor the information for each team's needs without the hassle of creating separate dashboards.

More Dashboard Filters in Salesforce Summer '23 Release

And here's another nifty feature: jazz up your Dashboard by adding text or images. It's a great way to personalize or make important information stand out. 

This new edition takes your Dashboard customization to the next level.

Convenient Dashboards Filters in Salesforce Summer '23 Release

Process Builder Creation is Unavailable

Starting with the '23 release, creating new Process Builder items won't be an option. But don't worry - you'll still be able to edit, turn on or off existing processes, or even make new versions. This change is part of the update but gives you plenty of flexibility for your current processes.

Process Builder creation is unavailable in Summer '23 Release

Boost Productivity With Mass Quick Actions on Related Lists (Beta)

You can do a Mass Update using Quick Action on Related Lists with the new update. Instead of updating one record at a time, you can now choose up to 100 records from the related list and update them all simultaneously. 

It's a huge time-saver and makes managing your records much more convenient.

Boost your productivity with mass Quick Actions on Related Lists (Beta) Summer '23 Release

Set Field-Level Security via Permission Sets Instead of Profiles (Generally Available)

When setting up fields, you can define the field-level security using permission sets, not profiles. You can also change the field-level security for existing fields for all permission sets within an Object. You can have more flexibility and control over who can see what in your system.

You'll Have Access to More Comprehensive In-App Guidance

When you make a targeted prompt using the In-App Guidance Builder, you can aim at any field on a record page, dynamic form, or the Create window. 

Access to more comprehensive In-App Guidance in Salesforce Summer '23 Release

Enhanced Domains

Starting from Summer '22, Salesforce has started using enhanced domains in all organizations that didn't have them. Any new Salesforce organizations will automatically have enhanced domains enabled by default. The latest version offers better security and performance for everyone right out of the box.

Find Flow User Permissions in One Place

Flow users, you can now find all your permissions in one spot. Head to the "Flow and Flow Orchestration" section under App Permissions. Everything's organized systematically, so it's easier than ever to manage and find precisely what you're looking for.

Flow User Permissions in One Place in Summer '23 Release

Choice Lookup Component Becomes Fully Available

The 'Choice Lookup' feature in Flows, introduced earlier as a beta, is now readily available for everyone. This feature lets you show your choices in a lookup format, which is helpful when dealing with many options. It's all about making things easier and more efficient for you.

Choice Lookup Component Becomes Fully Available in Salesforce Summer '23 Release

Improved Send Email Flow Action

The Send Email Action in Flows now comes with some cool new features. For one, you can save the email as an activity linked to a specific record - feature users have been asking for. Plus, you can now use email templates to make your work more accessible, and yes, Lightning Email Templates are included. All in all, it's about making your email tasks in Flows more efficient and convenient.

Improved Send Email Flow Action in Salesforce Summer '23 Release

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