Quo vadis, Redtag? Or a story of the company evolving

The aim of this article is to tell about the Salesforce partnership, the direction of the company, the change of visual identity, and Redtag’s essentials.

“Quo Vadis?” or “Where are you going?” has been a relevant question for the company during its last 8 years and is just as important today. This is because change is the only constant and we must always be ready to re-imagine ourselves.

Over the last 8 years, Redtag has experienced significant growth in many areas. These include our place in the Salesforce industry, our work both as a team and as individuals, our status as the best place for new talents to be born, and in our already tight relations with our clients.

All of that has required us to not be complacent. We must lay the questions out on the table and diligently search for the right answers.

And here are our questions.

Who are we? Why should we change?

We have searched for an answer to these questions from the very beginning of the company. Ever since Redtag first opened for business, its goals have been to create both a better working environment for its employees and better business conditions for its customers. Now, after 8 years of work and with Redtag`s organic business growth, we are set to develop in the direction that best reflects our expertise. Entering new markets will allow us to use our experience to its full capacity.

These changes to the brand identity and business model are coming at the time when the company is evolving its service value propositions and expanding its reach within the chosen industries.

We are excited to have the chance to evolve and develop.

What is a business challenge?

Redtag is constantly striving to become the best consulting partner for businesses. We aspire to be industry-driven, to offer proper solutions to project execution and to maintain our strong relations with Salesforce. To achieve these, we develop comprehensive approaches that do not just simply cover technology development, but also provide the means for user adoption to ensure the project will not fail at any stage.

Our goal within the Salesforce world is to change how the implementation of Salesforce is perceived.

Businesses, employees, and customers in every industry are looking to establish digital-first relations. This motivates companies to accelerate their transformation initiatives to keep up — and we firmly believe that the Salesforce platform, working hand in hand with the adoption approach offered by Redtag, is the best way to accomplish this.

A lot of businesses have tried Salesforce. However, instead of benefiting from the great tools that the platform offers, their use of the platform has only brought additional challenges.

Redtag’s approach is to make Salesforce a natural part of the client’s business success.

Through agile development and the best adoption strategies, we focus on making the client’s Salesforce platform the utmost in efficiency and manageability.

“Importance of the chance” — Redtag`s mission and vision.

Since the very beginning, the motto of our company has been “We highlight your business”. We have tried to dig deeper to further explore our company’s culture and discover how well we know ourselves. To achieve this, we decided to reach out to our team and conduct two-stage workshops, interviewed each employee, and developed value maps for them and their teams.

This work has resulted in the precise definition of our mission and vision that will be guiding Redtag on its journey.

Our Vision: Every business is provided with a chance to enhance its digital world through our associates. Every associate is provided with a chance to grow.

Or simply put — Every business and talent has a chance to develop and grow.

The company is fully committed to assuming a central role in making the dreams of our clients and employees a reality. This is the manifesto of our daily work.

Our Mission: To be a guide for businesses and to help talented associates grow through our deep knowledge of the Salesforce ecosystem.

What does it mean?

  • We will listen and offer the opportunity to act.
  • You will be heard and get the opportunity to act.
  • We both benefit from the opportunity to act, while expecting not only success.
  • The opportunity is something positive and unexpected. It is not just joyful to receive it, but also to give it.

The value of the opportunity has been the cornerstone of the company since its creation. Redtag offers this to both its partners and its employees while assuming the responsibility that comes with it. To Redtag, opportunity means the growth of all parties and the responsible consideration of all the undertaken commitments.

The success of the partner comes along with the success of the company’s employees. In this sense, they are inter-dependable. As a business, Redtag has grown together with its partners while allowing them to expand the number of their projects and increase profits.

Another major project of the company is the Redtag Academy. It represents the concept of providing an opportunity from the standpoint of developing and giving back to the community where we live and work. By offering the high-quality Salesforce education for free, the company gives a chance to people across ages and genders to learn a new profession that could make a positive shift in their careers.

Logo and Brand Identity meaning

The new company logo (a modern interpretation of the company motto, “we highlight your business”) was introduced in September 2021 after hours of meticulous research. The logo consists of two identical glowing lights that represent the working synergy between Redtag’s brightest employees and its clients. This glowing effect is the symbol of the living spotlight that reflects the company’s values and its reinvented mission.

Our core iconic assets of red, our logo, and the Living Spotlight have been given a new and exciting role within our communications. They now help to create a more progressive and modern identity, reflecting the positive and purpose-driven direction in which our business is heading.

Since it is important for us to always be responding to human goals — we have breathed life into our brand, creating a living identity.

In our work, we are enthusiastic, confident, and clear. Through our communication, we demonstrate our overarching competence and plans as well as share the metaphor of positivity and optimism in the industry.

Bon voyage, Redtag!

The evolution of our brand now allows us to more precisely reflect who we are, both as individuals and as a team. Redtag has a great knowledge bank and sufficient capacity to provide the opportunity to act. We understand how to offer this opportunity to ensure that behind each one stands the desired result.

So, dear Redtag, now it is pretty clear where you are heading. We can just wish you — bon voyage, and may you reach the destination!

Team and Culture
Yaroslav Ternovskyi
February 2, 2022

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