Women in Salesforce — An interview with Julia Artemenko

Our Team Lead, Yuliia Artemenko, shared her experience of 5 years working as a Salesforce engineer at Redtag

6+ years in Salesforce • +10 Certifications • Pet lover • Love shopping • Don't eat dairy

How long have you been with Redtag?

I’ve been working here for over five years as a Salesforce developer, a team lead of 9 people, and a tech lead. My work combines management and development. I also provide technical help for some projects, but mainly I’m engaged in functional outcomes.

What do you like most about your work?

I find it difficult to answer, as my work has multiple aspects. At first, management was my primary responsibility. When it gets complicated, I switch to development tasks. I consider development a pleasant treat. Sometimes, it’s great to take off focus from making management decisions and communicating with colleagues and partners.

How did your Salesforce journey start?

I studied applied mathematics at the Lviv Polytechnic. I come from a family of mathematicians, so choosing a major was easy. At the university, Oleh Mykytyn told me about Nazar running his company. I decided to join in.

I started as a WordPress developer. Later, I switched to Salesforce, one of the company's first female Salesforce developers and, I suspect, in Lviv. I’m pleased that our female community in the company has significantly grown over the years.

Women in Salesforce — An interview with Julia Artemenko

Why Salesforce?

Salesforce is a combination of tech and management skills. I don’t see myself as an entire tech person, so I decided to go in this direction. Salesforce also encourages learning something new every day. I often joke that a day doesn’t pass without me googling something.

Why did you choose to join Redtag?

I can single out two main reasons. First of all, it’s the human approach. The company values ​​its employees very much. Of course, there may be issues sometimes, but the company does not perceive its staff simply as a resource. On the contrary, it’s always ready to accommodate our needs. I like being in the office, meeting partners, and the team. You will always find someone to talk to there. It’s a place that makes you want to come back. I also really like our meetings, team buildings, and corporate events.

The strong tech side is another significant advantage. The company employs exceptional professionals who know what they’re doing. They have experience working with European and American markets and are willing to share it. Our company is well-versed in various clouds, and sometimes a junior developer can teach a senior developer a thing or two. By the way, I also learned how to work with Salesforce here.

Women in Salesforce — An interview with Julia Artemenko

What was your biggest Redtag challenge?

I’d say 2020, the infamous Covid-19 pandemic. We had to quickly make a website for the state of Illinois and its community in a brief period. This work required strong and decisive management and quick adoption of solutions. We did everything in 2 months. The website often went down during this period, but we quickly fixed it every time. After a mountain of technical and management work, we released it. Thanks to our efforts, many people were able to track Covid-19 updates.

What would you like to do in the future?

In the future, I would like to delegate better and devote more time to myself and my family. I am not quitting development any time soon because this work brings me joy. However, I believe it is worth working a lot while you’re young, so you can delegate tasks and have more free time later in life. It also might be an excellent way to set yourself up for starting a business of your own. Who knows?

Do you have any pieces of advice for students?

You’ll never know until you’ve made your first steps. Salesforce is not just about development; it is also about consulting. You must be a versatile person, learn your theory, have a lot of practice, and be able to combine them. By the way, a month of training can provide you with the necessary scope of knowledge to understand whether you’d like to continue with Salesforce or move on to other things. And don't forget about English, it’s indispensable these days.

Remember, development isn’t something super complicated. Some people just have to put in more effort than others. Your success depends on your willingness to make it work. Good luck!

Women in Salesforce — An interview with Julia Artemenko
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Yaroslav Ternovskyi
July 1, 2022

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