Why Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud is a game changer for retailers

Consumer Goods Cloud is the go-to solution for retailers aiming to streamline sales planning and enhance operational efficiency with an integrated approach.

salesforce data cloud illustration

Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud system

The retail industry is witnessing a huge transformation nowadays. The manufacturers and distributors who have managed to master data and innovation are gaining greater market share, loyal customers, and increasing revenue. 

By using Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud, companies get data-centric forecasts for ordering, pricing, retail, and other key processes. Integration with SalesforceSalesCloud, Service Cloud, and MarketingCloud streamlines operations, ensuring retailers achieve flawless in-store executions for better efficiency and outcomes.

In collaboration with Redtag, many retailers have already succeeded in automating planning and forecasting, and we're not stopping to maximize the value of Salesforce services for companies regardless of size or field.

Here's an overview of what outcomes your project can achieve with Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud.

Sales growth

Centralized project communication and planning

Efficient online trade promotion

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