Streamline Sales with Redtag Quick Start Package on Any Budget

A small business realizes the potential of Salesforce and makes a future investment.


Our client provides data-driven solutions for insurance, healthcare, banking, and manufacturing businesses. The consulting company platform empowers organizations with valuable insights into their digital operations, understanding business metrics and enabling them to identify significant opportunities to improve effectiveness.

Problem The Client faced

The company recognized the need for a more streamlined approach to sales operations. They noticed a gap between marketing and sales efforts they needed to address.

The client required a scalable solution that could adapt to their evolving needs and centralize their diverse tech stack into a single platform, making it easier to manage multi-channel customer interactions.

What is the impact?

With Redtag's help, the consulting company could track all the essential information, match client budgets to specific products, and seamlessly migrate their contacts, leads, and opportunities from their previous CRM system to Salesforce. The new opportunities are the following:

  • search leads according to budget requirements;
  • tracking marketing activities and gaining insights from competitor research;
  • using HubSpot, the old system, as CMS while having a single source - Salesforce.

Our Quick Start service is ideal for small businesses just starting with Salesforce. It offers roughly 45 hours of work without any custom coding required. We work with basic objects and standard AppExchange tools, providing simple, straightforward solutions to bring you and your customer closer! 

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