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The client works in the subscription market, selling the monthly Economic Impact Model Subscriptions by ZipCodes.
They have been using Salesforce ever since 2016.

The challenges of Salesforce maintenance

When the customer approached Redtag, they already had an existing implemented solution.
Their organization focused on automized processes and integration and was highly customized. They have designed and were maintaining the system in-house. 
However, after the person responsible for maintenance left the company, some challenges with the system's sustainability became evident.
Due to the lack of adequately developed architecture and the somewhat hectic nature of customizations, it was no longer possible to properly preserve the solution. The maintenance of the service became non-efficient concerning the time and effort required.

Additionally, the users became agitated as they found critical mismatches in their existing data without an in-depth understanding of how the data was changing.
Therefore they had to spend additional time proofing data inconsistencies appearing sporadically (according to users' perspectives).
Thus, the in-house Salesforce admin reached out to Redtag to optimize their Salesforce use.

We have also discussed the best practices with them and conducted the fit gap analysis for the system.
This will allow the company to better work with their fields and data entry to avoid problems concerning inappropriate information or tax payments

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