A Fresh Look at Salesforce for Fjerby, Norwegian Construction Company

The story of how the Fresh Look at Your Org may change your attitude towards Salesforce


Fjerby AS is the oldest Norwegian specialized construction company working in the field of mountain safety.
Over the 40 years of its operation, Fjerby AS has assumed a strong position on the market as an equipment supplier and efficient contractor.

Identifying new opportunities for a better employee work flow

Before bringing Redtag along, the Fjerby AS already had exposure to Salesforce as they were trying to introduce the platform into their operations.
The initial setup led to them only using the Chatter function, yet there came the point when Fjerby decided to take action and consider the further use of the platform. While Salesforce was providing the Field Service Management features, the generic setup did not necessarily satisfy the contextual needs of the client.
The main challenge that prevented the customer from fully benefitting from the solution was:

  • the extended time needed to set up the system operation in the field;
  • system inaccessibility in the unstable network reception conditions;
  • the user's concern about the feeling of control.

Less is more. How a small service can solve company’s major problems

At the initial stage, Redtag advised for the Fresh Look at Your Org, after which our consultants came up with the solution to get the best use of the platform in the context of the client’s needs. Overall, Our team completed the Fresh Look at Your Org and Solution Design within 30 working hours.

The primary focus was to introduce the solution on adapting the existing Field Service setup considering the customer’s requirements. Thus, there came a decision to create a mobile application that would correspond to the employees’ workflow and environmental conditions.

The application was able to offer extended convenience and comfort in use. People in the field could easily access it to:

  • register the incidents;
  • obtain the needed information about the safety of the conducted works;
  • have the pre-work checklist available;
  • upload and access the information about the specialized construction equipment required for the specific project or assignment.

The application also allowed for increased data security and facilitated the implementation of assignments on the spot. Through it, the users were able to access only the specific elements they needed at the moment while working in the field.
Our consultants had also touched upon the chatter function. We have reimagined it to become the collaboration tool used by the Fjerby employees.

Scalable data model

On the technical side, we used the data model that described how to scale the functionality and business processes within the environment. Our team applied the outcomes of this data model in the current solution, which also engaged the modular approach to implementation.

Our team kicked off the Fresh Look at Your Org process after the initial customer interview. Following the discussion, our specialists have:

  • conducted a technical evaluation of the existing state;
  • explored the potential for optimization;
  • found critical points concerning best practices that one could apply in this case;
  • prepared a detailed report based on the typical Salesforce recommendations;
  • summed up our essential suggestions.

During the Fresh Look at Your Org procedure, Redtag consultants conducted two customer interviews.
Aside from the initial conversation, there was a discussion after the job completion, which focused on the prepared reports and ways to apply them.
The consultants also paid particular attention to the field service and the importance of its use and proper application.

Inspired, innovative, and satisfying

Upon completing the Fresh Look at Your Org and Solution design processes, the customer counterpart was left satisfied with the job done.
They were able to internally report on the potential of integrating Salesforce into their operations.

They have also identified Salesforce as a core system which may become the only source of trues and received a tailored tool adjusted to Fjerby's specific needs to improve, align and simplify existing processes.
Based on the assessment and offered recommendations, the customer does not need to introduce additional software as a lot of functionality is already being provided by Salesforce internally.

The Fresh Look at Your Org service helped improve the understanding of the added value that Salesforce brings its users, and the customer will likely continue their work with the system.

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