Increasing Revenue Made Easy with CPQ

Benefiting online scientific library and literature
distributor with CPQ implementation


A research company is a renowned online scientific library and literature distributor providing access to more than 2900 journals and 300 000 books.
The widespread community of publishers and scholars, who collaborate with this B2B provider, creates quality content for governmental institutions, universities, and corporate clients.
Throughout the SAP system operation period, the firm’s audience and the overall literature and resources selection demanded more complex price books to run and utilize.
Moreover, the network of authors involved in content making expanded by more than 300% requiring flexible pricing in each given situation.
All the mentioned above prompted the Company to switch to Salesforce and implement the CPQ system.

We love what we do, and this attitude has a strong positive effect on this project.
The company asked Redtag to run migration from an old system to Salesforce and configure tier assessments to assign different levels to customers.
The scientific journal needs more flexible subscription management and renewal to grow revenue and conversion rate.
Our goal was to make sales smooth and fast.

The main reasons to choose Salesforce

The publisher wanted us to define business processes and create an effective Salesforce environment to generate quotes faster with prompt approval.
Clients often asked for subscription amendments, so our job was to make it easier to modify or prolong any given subscription plan.
Redtag conducted a site migration to Salesforce and configure all customization the company needed.

Diligent work and tight collaboration allow the research company to sell quickly and avoid mistakes and data losses.
Salesforce implementation significantly reduced the system deployment time as well.

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