Never Guess When It Comes to Food. Foodjockey Matchmaking Success

How Asian Startup turned to Salesforce to become a new Tinder in the food distribution business


From DIY pancakes to food and beverage export, Foodjockey started growing in New Zealand and slowly took over the entire South-East Asian area.
During a profound transformation, the company evolved into a medium between suppliers and distributors, tackling problems they were already familiar with.
It often happens that distributors may search for suitable suppliers for them, spending much time and effort instead of making money.
Communication may be difficult because of time zones and possible lengthy negotiations when the choice is made.
Foodjockey aims to be a matchmaker between supply companies and distribution chains where everyone gets what they need.

While Foodjockey has already become a suitable medium and holds negotiations well, they need more automation to boost business efficiency.
The workflow got more intricate as the company began offering samples to distributors, helping them make the right choice.
As the team wanted to make communication faster, Foodjockey looked at the possible cross-system platform with the following opportunities:

  • to integrate all data related to orders, suppliers, importers, and distributors;
  • to keep track of all dialogues, interactions, and actions;
  • accessible database of suppliers and distributors with complete user profiles;
  • direct communication between participants.

The platform we created

Our team used Salesforce Digital Experience Cloud to create a capable matchmaking tool to find distribution partners on the platform.
Redtag started from scratch and developed a solution design first, then implemented all technical requirements on the Salesforce custom platform.
This platform suits both direct interaction and search.
All data is readily available and helps track the progress of negotiations, and the digital experience cloud underpins the smooth workflow.

The following components make an integral user-friendly system:

  • user flow;
  • digital Experience Cloud;
  • Sales Cloud.

We made the platform flexible and easy to use, with room for adjustments and customization.
It meets the client's expectations of becoming an environment where any business quickly finds the most suitable partner with no pitfalls, long communication chains, and losing valuable data.

Clouds & Technologies

Salesforce B2B

Digital Experience Cloud

Sales Cloud

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