Long-Lasting Support to Keep Food Production Line Running

A food manufacturer’s software debugging and maintenance yields fruitful long-term results.


It is hard to overestimate the positive impact on the community when a company integrates non-profit activity into its business model and supports those who need help daily, making it a good habit.
At the beginning of our collaboration many years ago, we understood that ECHO Technology is an excellent strategic partner to rely on and grow together.
The company harnesses creativity and intelligence to create and modify good-quality software, and our team has been contributing to its success for years.
Besides software implementation, ECHO is good at training, education, and support.

Having challenged our team with regular support and maintenance, ECHO Technology still engages Redtag in supporting the software for the food and drinks American-based manufacturer.
We will tell you about a challenging project demanding attention, regular upgrades, and a good understanding of the company's needs.
Running a production line with complex equipment means no chance of disruptions.
First, the factory can’t afford to compromise food quality, resulting in the illness or death of prospective consumers.
The client’s software must work flawlessly, which means the relentless and responsible work of the support team.

Take a look at our routine work to support smooth food production

Our team is constantly improving system performance and fixing bugs in a complicated and ever-evolving system, ensuring sales representatives, end users, and developers are happy with all tools available and their convenience.
The client’s Salesforce keeps much information in each user profile, with multiple permission sets. It is easy to assign a new permission set to any user profile and remove it according to the agreement due to our diligent everyday support.

  • We implemented advanced pricing algorithms so that prices change automatically on a particular day, addressing all orders effective for a given time window.
  • The client gets CI/CD Continuous Deployment workflow, which is very beneficial for their development team and productive collaboration, allowing developers to pass some portions of work to colleagues easily, which means faster deployment.
  • We keep on supporting Service Cloud, as well as Salesforce and SAP integration.
  • Redtag fixed requests’ performance on SAP so that the system processes them correctly.
  • The client experienced payment processing issues when the system didn’t receive them via Payconex. Redtag fixed the bug successfully.
  • Redtag continuously supports Salesforce and Pay Connect integration for the company.
  • SalesCloud support.
  • All types of flows support.
  • CPQ regular support.
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