How Redtag Supports and Contributes to German B2B Companies Growth

Our diligent developers keep an eye on bugs on several big projects to help our partner ISV.


Our long-standing partner is a German-based software vendor with many B2B clients across Germany.
Working side-by-side with their developing team for more than a year, we keep supporting several clients, dealing with lots of data and diverse challenges.
Fast and effective support is key on these projects - developers immerse themselves in work once an issue arises.
Forget sprints and schedules - we are taking on this bug right now! 

In close collaboration with our partners, our team supports the mobility provider’s website and mobile app.
We fulfill the demand for flexible vehicle booking with an option of car selection up to the client.
The company offers short- and long-term solutions, driving training, and turnkey services for businesses.
The platform has to store the schedule, curriculums, and car preferences while checking availability and processing all requests- the tasks require flawless automation.

What it takes to get flawless logistics and scheduling

Let’s look at typical tasks we face when supporting a site of heavy machinery rental company - one of our clients works in construction.

  • The company has to ensure there are no overlaps in the schedule and that the equipment is available when customers book it.
    When the machine is booked, the software calculates a price that depends on insurance, work duration, type of equipment, and so on.
    On our end, we ensure all the processes run smoothly, and that the generated prices are correct.
  • Our team often sees that the actual equipment status fails to update on time so that customers get false availability or vice versa - the unit appears to be booked out while it is available. 
  • Another common issue that we tackle is an inconsistency between German and English letters’ hashcodes that results to errors in quote and invoice generation- therefore, we utilize custom labels to get rid of this problem.
  • We often have to fix incorrect quote generation when the same client rents several equipment units, each for a different time frame.
    In this case, the system may price all equipment as if it has been rented for the longest time, and the client has to pay more and stays unhappy.
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