Enhancing customer experience for Netherlands Dialyse Center

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‍Modern requirements of healthcare institutions

Our client is a group of healthcare centres providing dialysis services in the Netherlands. It offers up-to-date dialysis treatments to patients with the variety of diseases, tailored as much as possible to individual needs and aimed at the patient's independence. The client needed to develop a system, one the main goals of which would be to allow patients to enter the results of their dialysis treatment in the simplest way possible. It was crucial to offer a solution for the patients to enable them to manage their dialysis- and treatment-related data including data about their physician. Patients and care providers needed generic access to the patients' up-to-date electronic health records (EHR), with the possibility to export and transfer them to other physicians.

Challenges of communication between doctors and patients

The client needed a solution that would allow the patients to interact with their physician and communicate the data related to the dialysis process. They needed to provide the patients with a tool to do this 24/7. A separate issue was to create the ability for customers to submit their measurements and, based on that, receive medical treatment feedback. Another essential functionality was storing all patient medical information in Salesforce and synchronizing them with the leading healthcare database in accordance with FHIR standard.

Using Experience Cloud to improve customer experience

After the conversation with the client, it was decided to develop a customizable Salesforce platform application for care providers and a secured experience cloud for patients that would be similar across a group of dialysis healthcare centers yet leave the room for personalized upgrades. We have developed several custom components to automatically define the patient's type and support proper dialysis throughout the procedure. Redtag developed a solution to store and group individual patient data within this project. The information available can be grouped and accessed through the respective links.

Enhancing customer experience for Netherlands Dialyse Center

The solution also presents interactive gauges that allow for a comprehensive overview. It will enable the data owner to compare the test results and consider them concerning patient history.

Enhancing customer experience for Netherlands Dialyse Center

Within those interactive gauges, the users can also access the page with a more detailed automated analysis of those test results with the information necessary to interpret them, and understand when something goes wrong, and the doctor should be called.

Enhancing customer experience for Netherlands Dialyse Center

The developed solution also allows users to manually enter data that Salesforce would later synchronize with the general national healthcare database. To both keep electronic health records (EHR) of the patients constantly updated and provide the possibility to send data back to the clinic FHIR servers, an integration according to HL7 standard was built using Apex.

Data protection standards have been provided, and Salesforce improved data security with 2FA.

Enhancing customer experience for Netherlands Dialyse Center

Results of using Salesforce in Healthcare Institutions

Before this system was designed, the customer had the challenge of constructing a tool that would be universal in use to both patients and care providers, would allow for data integration with the national system, and could be easily accessed and used by customers of different demographic groups. The experience cloud on the customer side got filled with custom components to improve the UX. The gauges and bars are being used for enhanced data visualization, due to the implementation of the D3.js library. As of now, due to the successful project implementation, Salesforce is helping 600+ patients all over the Netherlands in their dialysis process daily.


Clouds & Technologies
  • Experience Cloud
  • Custom components to adjust UX
  • d3.js library for data visualization
  • API integration with HL7 server
  • Integration with Twilio for SMSs
  • Complex Data Model supporting EHR
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