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Salesforce ensures a comfortable customer experience with every order of any size


The client is an Italian B2B company that sells glasses and lenses.
Their specialty is wholesale online distribution, so the company’s website is accessible to legal entities only.
The platform offers customers a well-structured experience with a wide range of products available for purchase and an opportunity to place an order of any size: from several items to hundreds of units.
Every order can be customised to fit the needs of each customer, especially when it comes to large purchases. The company can provide them with different price lists, special offers, and promotion deals.

Clear-cut ideas for complex tasks

While working on this website decided to stick to the Experience cloud. The website’s servers both receive orders and process payments. T-hub provides the hosting services and the developers needed to build a Salesforce/T-hub integration to manage pricing processes and all order-related operations.

The client company requested multiple features that required a significant amount of logic changes. Salesforce allowed us to efficiently solve such challenges as:

  • pricing calculations;
  • data storage;
  • processing of regular purchase items;
  • aggregation of orders;
  • creating kits, bundles, etc.

The system can calculate the price depending on the type of item, its quantity, and custom adjustments needed to account for offers and promotions.
Data maintenance was vital, as there are few adequate alternatives to Salesforce regarding managing 100,000 data points.
The platform also builds complex company hierarchies and enables customer access to various orders and subsidiary companies.

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